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Noted. I had void all vote, extended the closing date by a week and insert the voting instructions to prevent miscommunication and counting.



Noted with your decision. Yes, AMDEP fleet deployment listing should follow GA Flexi-Deployment style, keeping "SP" to the minimum and yet more accurate to the actual observation. I will explain to AuthurJie with the original intention of why Warning Point was issued in the first place.

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22 March 2020

Good evening Sir,

This matter is in regards to the recent conflicts that happened between me and Arthurjie about Mandai deployments. While I believe the admins should have made it clear on whether Mandai services rely on roster or actual deployments, I do personally feel that it was unfair to give Arthurjie a warning point because he was merely showing another side of the truth, which is the "roster". You can deem the roster as unreliable, but Arthurjie was not wrong to actually show what was in the roster. In fact, if there is anyone to blame, blame it on SMRT for having a roster but not following it. (Basically having a timetable in secondary school but lessons are on a random basis, which makes it completely unreliable.)

To prevent any future conflicts, I will go over a handful of solutions that I have thought of to help bring this matter to a close, so that both parties can reach a win win situation. Please do note that this list is non-exhaustive and can be added to suit better needs.

1) Making a separate page for Mandai Services only, allocating the actual roster deployments apart from the deployments in reality.

2) Relocate all Mandai allocated buses back to "AMDEP SP"

3) Open a vote to all sgwiki admins / users to decide if Mandai deployments should be based on AMDEP( Like an election basically. )

4) Have a discussion before deeming the bus as a permanent. (For example, SG5879L has been performing on 965 regularly but in the roster it is actually on 857. Keep the bus on hold until SG5879L has been observed appearing a certain amount of times on 965 and then verifying that it no longer appears on 857 on the following day.)

I do know that I have no right to make decisions but I feel that point 1 would cater to both the general public as well as the administrative roles. This is because in any case, if the general public is curious on what buses are actually shown on the roster, there is actually a reference for them to look into it and compare it with the actual deployments. While at this, may I also suggest regrouping the SMRT services into AMDEP / WLDEP / KJDEP. This is for easier reference for the public light and also much more easier for the general public to see the actual vs roster. I do hope you will consider my suggestions helpful and do feel free to add a topic into my discussion if you seek any clarifications.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and time into reading this.