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Catherine Sng Gek Hui (Chinese: 孙于惠) is a Singaporean actress and thespian.

Sng is fluent in English, Chinese, Hokkien, and Cantonese, and has appeared in both Channel 5 and Channel 8 productions.


Year Title Role Notes
1995 Morning Express Ansheng's stepmum Episode 1
Voice dubbed over.
It's My World Mrs Gao Episode 11
Thorny Love Maid TV movie.
1996 Comedy Nite 96 Aunty Kiasu Cast regular
1997 Comedy Nite 97 Aunty Kiasu Cast regular
Mirror of Life 2 Tontine participant auntie Episode 2
1998 Facing the Music Sally Episodes 1,
Stand by Me
1999 God of Fortune
Year Title Role Notes
1999 Street Angels Jan's mother Credited as Sng Gek Hui
2000 Chicken Rice War Wong Ku
2011 Already Famous Judge 2
2014 Rubbers Ah Hua
Year Title Role Notes
1996 Hear Me Out, Teacher Teacher Music video
1997 ABC English for Children Vol 6 Housekeeper Children's educational video