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Expressways in Singapore are dedicated roads that enable motorists to travel at high speeds from one urban area to another without traffic lights or traffic junctions.[1] They are designed with wide dual carriageways and multiple lanes in each direction, with road shoulders found in a majority of areas on the extreme left lane for breakdowns and emergency use. There are also designated shelters under the flyovers for motorcyclists to utilise in the event of wet weather.

Construction on the first expressway, the Pan Island Expressway, started in 1966.[2] Other expressways were built and opened progressively in stages, with the Marina Coastal Expressway being the most recent to open, in 2013.[3]

All open expressways have a maximum speed limit of 90km/h, and between 70km/h and 80km/h in expressway tunnels.[4] Pedestrians, bicycles, personal mobility devices (PMDs) not allowed on expressways, while selected vehicles exceeding height limit are not allowed in tunnels.[5]

List of Expressways[edit]

There are currently ten expressways in operation, spanning at 160km.[6]

Emergency Services[edit]

  • Police (SPF) - 999
  • Fire / Medical (SCDF) - 995
  • Breakdown (LTA EMAS Recovery) - 1800-2255-582


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