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Form Records was a Singaporean publisher, retailer, and distributor of music, music videos and direct-to-video programmes. They're best known for their series of children's educational programmes made in the 1990s, which include the Mental Arithmetic series, the ABC English for Children series and many others.

Channel 8 stars like Chen Liping, Huang Wenyong, and Tang Miaoling had supporting and/or leading roles in some of these programmes. Similarly, Hong Junrui, David Tham, Koay Jing Li, and Feng Ziliang, many of whom had roles in Channel 8 dramas as well, appeared in several productions. However, like in most Channel 8 shows in the 1990s, their voices were mostly dubbed over.

The Form brand was shared with related business entities, like Form Music Publication Pte Ltd and Form Kidz Pte Ltd.


The executive producer for many of these series was Hong Hanlin, who was also executive producer for the movies Nobody's Child and Missing You....

ABC English for Children

Probably the most well-known Form publication, this series starred Chen Liping as Miss Aiyoyo and ran to 6 volumes. Some volumes were also available in English and Malay dubs. A seventh volume under the same name, unrelated to the rest of the series, was produced by Form Record’s Malaysian subsidiary.

At the Zoo

Like ABC English for Children, this programme was in both Chinese and English.

Children Educational Videos

A two-disc compilation of musicals based on tales like Aesop's fables, Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, and Chinese folk tales like Tadpoles Looking for their Mama. The musicals were filmed in China and starred Chinese actors and actresses.

Mental Arithmetic

Unlike ABC English for Children, the character Miss Lian is played by Amanda Lian who is director of her own Maths enrichment centre. The series ran to 3 volumes. A spin-off video, Enhance your IQ was also produced.

Say It, It's Easy (1996)

Published by Form Music Publications. Unlike ABC English for Children this programme focused more on English phonics, and none of the children were trained actors.

Ten Brothers (1995)

Based on the Chinese legend. The cast included Huang Wenyong, Betty Lee Sit Fung, Tony Kim, May Teo, Cai Pingkai (cameo), Koay Jing Li, Hong Junrui, and David Tham amongst others. Huang was the only actor whose voice was not replaced by another voice actor, although all his dialogue appears to have been re-recorded. Ten Brothers did not follow the format of most Form Record productions, as it was more dramatic in style rather than educational.

What a Wonderful World

Cast includes Tang Miaoling, Yau Chung Chii, Huang Wenyong, Betty Lee Sit Fung, and Koay Jing Li.

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