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Jurong JC Logo.png
Jurong Junior College
Maktab Rendah Jurong
Opened 1981
Closed 2019
Address U800 Corporation Road, Singapore 649809
Principal Dr Hang Kim Hoo
Vice Principal Mr Chua Kah Sheng
Ms Patricia Lim
Ms Sharon Thien
Abbreviation JJC
Vision College of Choice, Education of Value.
Mission Nurturing Confident Learners with a Global Outlook, Developing Leaders of Character with a Heart to Serve.
Motto Plus Ultra
(Further Beyond)

Jurong Junior College (JJC) is a junior college in Singapore and was established on April 1981 offering two-year pre-university courses leading to the GCE Advanced Level examinations. Jurong Junior College was first situated at West Coast Road, next to Pandan Reservoir. The college became functional in April 1981 and opened its doors to the first batch of students in 1982. In January 1985, Jurong Junior College was relocated to its current campus at Corporation Road.

JJC was announced as the 4th Language Elective Programme (Chinese) Centre by the MOE on 9 April 2005. The Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) aims to encourage students who have the interest and ability to take up H2 Chinese Language and Literature. Hence from 2006, the college began offering the CLEP together with 3 other JCs, and later Dunman High School when it was announced as the fifth centre to offer the same programme.

Jurong Junior College merged with Pioneer Junior College in 2019 as announced on April 20, 2017. The merged school has been renamed as Jurong Pioneer Junior College, which is a combination of the two schools' names, having the "older" school's name in front. The last principal, Dr Hang Kim Hoo took over as the new principal for Jurong Pioneer Junior College.


Principal Years Served
Koh Beng Thiam 1982 – 1986
V. Govindarrasu 1987 – 1993
Ching Ah Kim 1994 – 2005
Koh Yong Chiah 2005 – 2010
Tay Lai Ling 2010 – 2015
Hang Kim Hoo 2016 – 2018

Notable Alumni[edit]

  • Eric Moo: Singer
  • Pornsak: Host
  • Pritam Singh: Politician, Member of Parliament
  • Desmond Tan: Actor
  • Ang Hin Kee: Politician, Member of Parliament
  • Yaw Shin Leong: Former Member of Parliament


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