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Millennia Institute Logo.jpg
Millennia Institute
Institute Millennia
Opened 3rd January 2004
Address 60 Bukit Batok West Ave 8, Singapore 658965
Principal Mrs Tan Wan Yu
Vice Principal Ms Valerie Tng
Mr Chia Guo Hao
Mr David Allan D'souza
Abbreviation MI
Vision A forward-looking community of Learners, Thinkers and Leaders.
Mission Nurture Talents, Achieve Success.

Millennia Institute (MI) is a centralised institute in Singapore and was established on 3rd January 2004. It is located in Bukit Batok, offering three-year pre-university courses leading to the GCE Advanced Level examinations. It is currently the only pre-university centre to offer the Commerce stream apart from the traditional arts and science streams offered by pre-university institutions.


Outram Institute Jurong Institute
Principal Years Served Principal Years Served
Lim Han Soon 1987 – Mar 1991 Lau Kan How 1989 – 1990
Lam-Kan Kim Swee April 1991 – 2003 Tan Thiam Hock 1991 – 1993
Goh Soo Geem 1994 – 1997
Mak Lai Ying 1998 – 1999
Ong-Ooi Giok Tin 2000 – 2003
Outram & Jurong Institute merges into Millennia Institute
Principal Years Served
Ong-Ooi Giok Tin 2004 – 2005
Tan Chor Pang 2006 – 2013
Tan Wan Yu 2014 – present
The school song
In our journey
Our Institute gives us strength
To believe in ourselves
And thus, venture forth
To realise dreams
To achieve our vision
With Resilience
We brave all challenges
With Knowledge and Passion
Let us scale greater heights
And in one voice
We bring glory to Millennia
Our spirit will never falter
With Diligence, we strive
With Heart, we serve
Our spirit will never falter
We bring glory to Millennia


Outram Institute (1987 - 2004)[edit]

Outram Institute (OI) was the first centralised institute open in 1987, and the oldest before her annexation into MI. In 1989, Outrum Institute was the first pre-university centre in Singapore to offer the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) examination, on top of the GCE Advanced Level examination. The first batch of its students achieved a commendable 80 percent pass rate in the examination.

Jurong Institute (1989 - 2004)[edit]

Jurong Institute (JI) was the third centralised institute when it was established in 1989 and was initially located at Jurong West Street 91. The Institute moved to 2 Toh Tuck Terrace on 18 November 1994.

Jurong Institute was known for its stringent examination standards, which hit the news in 1990. The uproar involved the institute's policy that all advancing students of the promotional examination are required to re-take all subjects in the supplementary exam, including the ones cleared by the students in the promotional examination.

Merger as Millennia Institute[edit]

On 26 July 2003, decision was made public by the Ministry of Education on the merger of Outram Institute and Jurong Institute to conglomerate the sparsely organised three-year pre-university institutions into a single entity. This move was to allow consolidation of expertise and teaching resources of the two institutes, and provide students with more customised programmes and facilities, thereby enhancing the delivery of the three-year pre-university education programme. As a result, Millennia Institute was established on 3 January 2004.


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