NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

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NUS High School Logo.png
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Sekolah Tinggi NUS bagi Matematik dan Sains
Opened 1st January 2005
Address 20 Clementi Avenue 1, Singapore 129957
Principal Mrs Lee Bee Yann
Vice Principal Mr Clifton Koh
Mr Goh Hock Leong
Ms Lim Hui Wen
Abbreviation NUSH
Vision Future-ready Pioneers, Humanitarians and Innovators for the world.
Mission To inspire and shape the future of education in mathematics and science.
Motto Experiment. Explore. Excel.

Millennia Institute (MI) is a specialized independent high school in Singapore offering a six-year Integrated Programme (IP) leading to the NUS High School Diploma.

The school offers a highly accelerated mathematics and science curriculum integrated with language, arts, humanities, sports, in a modular system. 90% of its graduates have pursued Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine-related courses in University. The school is located at Clementi Avenue 1 in a quiet residential neighborhood within a 15 minute walk of NUS. The school campus sits on a 4.67 ha plot of land which can accommodate a student population of 1300.


Principal Years Served
Lai Yee Hing 2005 – 2007
Hang Kim Hoo 2007 – 2015
Lee Bee Yann 2016 – present


There are a total of 27 CCAs offered in the school, in four categories, performing arts, Clubs and Societies, Sports & Games, and Uniformed Groups.

Clubs and Societies Sports & Games Performing Arts Uniformed Groups
  • Art Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • Chess Club
  • Gavel/Debate Club
  • Journalism Club
  • Media Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Badminton (Boys only)
  • Basketball (Boys only)
  • Football Club (Boys only)
  • Netball (Girls only)
  • Outdoor Adventure Club (Year 5 & 6 only)
  • Table Tennis (Boys only)
  • Tennis (Boys only)
  • Track & Field
  • Water Sports (Year 3 and above only)
  • Youth Flying Club
  • Chinese Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Dance Club
  • Drama Club
  • School Orchestra
  • NCC Land
  • Scouts
  • St. John's Ambulance Brigade


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