Nanyang Junior College

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Nanyang JC Logo.png
Nanyang Junior College
Maktab Rendah Nanyang
Opened 16th April 1977
Address 128 Serangoon Avenue 3, Singapore 556111
Principal Mr Low Chun Meng
Vice Principal Mr Jeremy Ang
Ms Jennifer Wu
Mr Ning Tau Yee
Abbreviation NYJC
Vision A leading college serving the nation with: Enhanced character development; Quality staff; Quality learners; Organisational excellence.
Mission Uphold Values, Impart Lifeskills, Maximise Potential.
Motto 共同建设
(Together We Build)

Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) is amongst the first Junior Colleges to be established in Singapore. Founded in 1977, Nanyang Junior College offers two-year pre-university courses leading to the GCE Advanced Level examinations.

Nanyang Junior College was founded in 1977 as Lorong Chuan Junior College. The building committee led by Mr Goh Tjoei Kok was formed in 1972. Construction of the college begun in 1976 with funding and support from the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI), which concurrently oversees the establishment of Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore's second junior college and first government-aided junior college.

The college was renamed as Nanyang Junior College in December 1977.


Principal Years Served
Chia Khoon Hock 1977 – 1995
So Bie Leng 1996 – 2000
Ho Woon Ho 2001 – 2005
Kwek Hiok Chuang 2006 – 2016
Low Chun Meng 2017 – present

Notable Alumni[edit]


  • Neo Kian Hong: CEO, SMRT Corporation and former Chief of Defence Force


  • Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim: Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Transport; Member of Parliament
  • Teo Ser Luck: Member of Parliament
  • Steve Chia: Former secretary-general, National Solidarity Party
  • Yeo Guat Kwang: Former Member of Parliament
  • Irene Ng: Former Member of Parliament
  • James Gomez: Former Member, Singapore Democratic Party


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