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The discussion had ended.


To all editors, bus deployment page by services will be renamed/split/integrated. The following will be an enhancement made in due consideration:

  • Pages with more than 30 subheading will be split into multiple pages.
    • The new deployment pages by services rolled out will aim to strive to have less than 20 subheadings if possible, with the maximum of 30 subheadings. This is done to improve editors on mobile devices experience as the top navigation content is only available for initial page load, and mobile devices editor/viewer will have a hard time to scroll and navigate within the pages.
  • Short Working Trips pages will be merged with parent pages
    • This is to ensure standardisation to all short-working trips regardless of operators, as some users had pointed out below.
  • Discontinuation of group of service by operators
    • In lieu of gradual implementation of BCM, the current method of grouping of service by operators will be phrased out. A change in operators for a bus package will no longer require a split and merger of pages.

Feedbacks for enhancement

Starter Post

Integration of deployment pages

Hi everyone, I would like to suggest integrating the following pages:

  • "Services 400 - 405" & "Services 851 - 860" to "Services 400 - 860"
  • "Services 106 - 189" & "Services 974 - 990" to "Services 106 - 990"
  • "Services 118 - 136" & "Service 403" to "Services 118 - 403"

To eliminate pages which consist of too few services.



Integration of pages "Services 61 - 110" & "Services "167 - 190"

Hi everyone, I would like to suggest integrating the following pages:

"Services 61 - 110" & "Services 167 - 190" to "Services 61 - 190"

To eliminate "Services 61 - 110" as it consists of too few services.



Spliting "SBS Transit Short-Trip Services" into 5 sections

Hi everyone, may I suggest that we split the SBST Short-Trip Services page into 5 sections:

  • Short-Trip Services 7A - 45A
  • Short-Trip Services 51A - 95B
  • Short-Trip Services 100A - 147A
  • Short-Trip Services 154A - 200A
  • Short-Trip Services 222A - 811A

To ease users' searching for services as the current page is too long, consisting of all 72 SBST Short-Trip Services.



Spliting "SMRT Short-Trip Services" into 2 sections

Hi everyone, may I also suggest that we split the SMRT Short-Trip Services page into 5 sections:

  • Short-Trip Services 67W - 883B
  • Short-Trip Services 912A - 991B

To ease users' searching for services as the current page is too long, consisting of all 30 SMRT Short-Trip Services.



Opinion Below

Opinion 1

I studied through the mentioned pages carefully and I will give my honest opinion.

I do not agree that Services 400 - 405 should be merged into Services 851 - 860 as the Services 851 - 860 is a complete subset of Seletar Bus Package, which is the same example as how CT8 & CT18 are a full set of ChinaTown Direct Services.

However, I agree with the merged pages of Services 106 - 990 and Services 118 - 403.

I do not favor the idea of splitting SBST Short-Trip Services. Given the small content navigation on the top left hand corner, we should be able to find the Short-Trip services in an easy way. Making it 5 sections would mean that 5 sections will have to be put onto the Search Bar and it increases the burden of trying to search for a particular SBST Short-Trip Service.

Furthermore, suggesting the SBST Short-Trip split does not fulfil standardisation. Given the Short-Trip service count of other PTOs, SMRT having 30, Go Ahead 16, Tower Transit 13, it is not feasible to implement the split in SBST Short-Trip Services as well as making an effort to standardise the split in other PTOs (given the small number of Short Trip Services compared to SBST).

Thank you.



Hi, thank you for your feedback with regards to the PTO unstandardisation. I've considered a plan to split SMRT SWTs, however I won't do so for TTS and GAS as 13 and 16 respectively is an ideal amount.

Opinion 2

Before we dwelve into the topic on integrating bus service pages with too few bus services and splitting those with too many, why not I ask what is your definition of "too many services in 1 page" and "too few services in 1 page"? Otherwise, I do not think that this discussion should even continue at all. Thank you.



Hi Themystery, My definition of an ideal number here would be between 10 and 20, similar to what most of the other SBST deployment pages (eg. Services 4 - 20, Services 63 - 80, Services 121 - 140 Services 181 - 201, etc)


Opinion 3

Hi all.

Although I am not an expert in bus services, I do not agree with the action of merging Service 400-405 and Service 851-860, as 400-405 used to be the Parks services, while 851-860 are trunk services, therefore I do not think that merging different categories of services is valid even though park services are abolished. I disagree with the merger of Service 118-136 and Service 403 to Service 118-403 for the same reason.

I also do not agree with the merging of Service 106-990, as there is another page with way less number of services than 106-189, which is Service 61-110 with 4 services. If the case is that pages with 7 services merge with another of 2 services, should we merge 61-110 with 167-190 to eliminate such situations as well?

I also do not agree with the splitting of the short trip services, as there is a content finder which allows us to quickly search for the respective short trip service. Although I have to admit that given the number of short trip services SBST has (72), it is quite time-consuming for users to scroll down, I think that as long as the content finder is on, users can still quickly find the service.

Furthermore, as mentioned by Themystery, the definition of "too many/few services" is unclear, so it may confuse some users even more.

Thanks and regards,



Hi AirFan19,

Thanks for the feedback with regards to the page "Services 61 - 110". I will take this suggestion into consideration, thanks! I've also mentioned the definition of an ideal range of services in my reply to Themystery — between 10 and 20.