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RE:Photo Problem


Please read the Notice. There is a glitch for any uploaded photos and all the administrators cannot do anything about it.

Thanks & Regards

Hi, message understood, thanks for the reply.

SG3069X deployment

Hi AirFan19,

I understand that you have spotted SG3069X on Service 135 on multiple occasions. I have also been notified that there has been no BYD K9 spotted performing Feeder 807 and Short-Trip 807A recently. However, I think it is too early to determine the deployment of SG3069X especially with the ongoing debuts of new BYD K9s in recent times. I would just leave it status quo for the moment. In addition to this, SG3050Z still has been spotted on Service 135 over the past few days, so I do not believe that this bus has gone over and directly swapped with SG3069X.

Hope you understand. Thank you.


Editing perm buses

Hi, for 7727S case, please kindly do not alter the fleet size of both of the new and old services as we need to identify which bus is out. Please do not reduce or increase the fleet size on redeployment unless there is evidence that the duties have been changed. You may want to read the guidelines for better understanding on the matter. Thanks.

Early retirement of Volvo B9TL CDGEs


Thanks for the move. I agree with you cos they are nearing their statutory lifespan in 2 years time as well.

Yours sincerly,

Hi, might seem unnecessary to reply but your welcome :).

RE: Block


This is due to the enforcement of the three revert rule in guidebook. However, I had miscalculate as it was only the second revert, which result in the unban. (I remember that I had revert before).

Furthermore, that bus stop doesn't have an official bus stop code after NightRider NR5 being converted to uni-direction. Due to it being used by other private service, the pole etc., was not being removed, hence the unofficial code of 22579.

Thanks & regards

Reply: Bus rego usernames


You may want to approach Supernutorcrazy instead. I don't think there will be exemption granted for your friend.

Thanks for your understanding.

RE: Bus Rego Usernames


Thanks for your understanding of the needs to ban bus rego usernames to prevent disruptive editors. By granting an exemptions for new users to have such a username by requiring an existing users veto it would defeat the purpose as the existing users and that particular new user may be of the same user.

This can also be applied if an editor who want to disrupt could create an account, stay clear of disruptive editing, veto the new username, create that new username account, and begin the disrupting activities.

Hence, I would apologise for not able to grant the exemption to your friend. Thanks for your kind understanding.