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Welcome to one of the most comprehensive guides to Singapore's buses on the internet! Whether you are a bus enthusiast, or just looking for bus information, you will find it here.


Bus Deployments

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SBS Transit Bus Deployments
SBS Transit Bus Deployments by Service
SBS Transit Bus Deployments from Depots
SBS Transit Buses in Depots
SBS Transit Spare Buses
SMRT Bus Deployments
SMRT Bus Deployments by Service
SMRT Bus Deployments from Depots
SMRT Buses in Depots
SMRT Spare Buses

Non-Revenue Buses

SBS Transit Non-Revenue Buses
SMRT Non-Revenue Buses

Former Deployments

SBS Former Deployments
SBS Transit Former Deployments
SMRT Former Deployments

Bus Lifespan Information

De-registration of Buses (for retiring buses)
Bus Lifespan Expiry Date (for currently running buses)

Future Buses

Future Bus Registration Numbers

Timetables for Bus Services

Timetables for SBS Transit Services in each bus stop it calls may be obtained at:
SBS Transit Bus Services & Timetables
SBS Transit iris NextBus

Ikea Shuttle Service
Timing of Service 825
Timing of Service 882


Singapore Bus Fleet
Bus Interchanges, Terminals & Depots
Bus Registration Conversion List
Early Trip Departures (Sv 2 to Sv 109)
Early Trip Departures (Sv 111 to Sv 506)
Johor Bahru Bus Routes
Scheme B Bus Routes
Sentosa Buses
Services Guides Cut Off Dates
Shuttle Buses
Singapore Bus Trivia
TNC Jurong Island Services
The Grandstand Shuttle Service (Formerly known as Turf City)

SBS Transit Operation Control Centre
SMRT Buses Operation Control Centre

Information down Memory Lane

History of Bus Services

1971 Bus Reorganisation
1974 Bus Rationalisation
1978 Rationalization of Jurong Town Bus Services
Bus Interchanges & Terminals in 1985
Bus Service Changes for the Opening of Boon Lay Bus Interchange
Bus-MRT Rationalisation
Changi Airport Bus Plan 1983
Changi Airport Bus Services 1981
City Direct Bus Routes
City Shuttle Services Guide 1981
CSS Routes of 1975
Defunct Bus Interchanges
Defunct Bus Terminals
Jurong West Bus Rationalisation 2001
North-East Line Bus Rationalisation 2003
SBS Bus Guide 1979-80
SBS & Tibs Handover Exercises
Singapore Bus Routes (1966)
Singapore Bus Routes (1969)
Singapore Bus Routes (Oct 1972)
Singapore Bus Routes (Mar 1973)
Singapore Shuttle Bus
Somapah Interchange
Specification of Former Buses
The Year in Buses
TransitLink Integration Exercise

External Links

SBS Transit

  • Moving people in a safe, reliable and affordable way.

SBS Transit - iris NextBus for Bus Stop

  • Find out estimated arrival times for the next bus and subsequent bus by selecting the desired service number, travel direction and bus stop or simply the bus stop number.

SBS Transit - iris NextBus for Interchange

  • Find out estimated departure times for the next bus and subsequent at bus at interchanges and terminals (those with boarding activities)

SBS Transit - iris NextBus for Mobile devices

  • Find out the estimated arrival or departure time for the next bus and subsequent bus at bus stops and interchanges on your mobile phone devices.

SBS Transit - iris Journey Planner

  • Find out how to get to your destination by bus or train based on the cheapest fare, shortest walking distance or travelling time.

SBS Transit - Chinatown Direct Services

  • Bring you from the heartlands to the heart of Chinatown via the Expressway.

SBS Transit - Fast Forward Services

  • Provide a faster travel between places where there is a high demand by calling at fewer stops.

SBS Transit - Nite Owl Services

  • Premium one-directional bus services from the city to selected housing estates, bringing night revellers home quickly, affordably and safely.

SBS Transit - Parks Services

  • Provide accessibility to parks for all nature lovers.

SBS Transit - Premium Services

  • Bringing customers from their homes to the Central Business District in comfort.

SMRT Buses

  • Moving People, Enhancing Lives.

SMRT Bus Guide

  • An online guide of the bus services operated by SMRT Buses. Includes BPS1, RWS8 and NightRider Services.

SMRT NightRider Service

  • Introduced to provide an alternative transport option for those who are out late.

Land Transport Authority

  • A statutory board under the Ministry of Transport, that spearheads all land transport developments in Singapore to provide an efficient and cost-effective land transport system for different needs.


  • An all-in-one travel companion with comprehensive details of every public & private transport in Singapore.

PublicTransport @ SG

  • A Public Transport Journey Planner Website, introduced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), allows commuters to know the fares and distance travelled for both Bus & MRT Journeys.

Public Transport Council

  • An independent body to approve and regulate bus services and public transport fares, entrusted with the challenging mission of balancing commuters' interest with the long-term viability of the public transport operators.


  • A service company set up by SBS Transit and SMRT to develop a fully integrated public transport system.

TransitLink H2G Journey Planner

  • Another new public transport journey planner provided by TransitLink, which allows public transport users to know the cheapest or the fastest route to their destinations.