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sgWiki Buses is the most active section in sgWiki. It currently covers the history of individual bus service and the current fleet deployment. However, there are few important points that editors should obey.

Bus Deployment

When there is a change in bus deployment due to redeployment, editors must update the deployment by service, deployment by bus model, former deployment by bus model, buses in depots (if there are changes in depots) and spare buses (if deployed to a permanent service or kicked out of a permanent service) pages.

Editors must not list the service it belongs to if it only ply on Weekends and Public Holidays (unless the service only operates during Weekends and Public Holidays) or a cameo bus. See below to differentiate between a cameo bus and a bus attached to a permanent service (perm bus).

BSEP / BCM Buses

Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) and Bus Contracting Model (BCM) Buses can be spare buses and must be listed as spare buses if they are spare buses. Any of these buses could ply on any services. Non-BSEP or Non-BCM Buses could ply on BSEP and BCM Buses Service or cover their bus slots.

Retired / Retiring Buses

When editing a retired or retiring buses (such as lay up and de-register), editors must remove the bus listing from deployment by bus model pages. However, editors are required to list the listing in the non-revenue buses page.

Do note that when updating de-registered buses, they are only to be updated after 2359 hours of the actual de-registration date of the bus (as reflected on One.Motoring). For buses that are awaiting de-registration prior to de-registration, only reflect the status as "Awaiting de-registration" when there's confirmation based on the physical evidence.

New Buses

When editing newly-registered buses, editors must update the deployment by bus model, Bus Lifespan Expiry Date, Singapore Bus Fleet page, and the main deployment page. The specification section of the deployment by bus model pages must also be updated.

Bus Service

When updating withdrawal of service, editors must only update after the last bus concluded it's last operation trip of the service.

When updating new service, editors must only update after the first bus started it's first trip.

Page Layout

Please do not modifiy the page layout as and when you wish. If you feel that there are much more suitable layouts, it is best to consult other editors first before implementing throughout the deployment pages. This includes any tables in the page.

Bus Advertisements

When updating bus advertisements, editors must include the full name of the advertisement when updating. It could also include the position of the advertisement found on the buses. The first letter of every single word must be capitalised. E.g. "Pepsi Live For Now". Advertisement stated must be the same when there is more than one bus having the same advertisement.

If there is no advertisement on the bus, {{N/A}}must be reflected instead of a blank on the "Advertisement" column.

History of Bus Services

When editing the history of bus services, editors must take note to use past tense if the changes have taken effects or future tense if the changes have yet to have taken effect with a known effective date.

Redundant Pages

Articles related to any bus enthusiasts, or any articles which have no purpose or meaning, will be deleted. Creating a separate page like "SMB5888H" or "SBS Transit Service 117" is strongly discouraged, unless further meaningful content could be included.

Cameo/Perm Bus

Editors must spot the differences between a Cameo and a Perm Bus. Any bus that plys on any service is considered as a cameo bus of that particular service. However, if that particular bus meets any of the conditions of the following, it will then be considered as a perm bus:

  1. The bus has been plying on the same service for 7 consecutive days, 3 consecutive days for new service. The bus must not be plying only a few trips for the bus service unless the bus service only operates for a few trips.
  2. The perm stickers (SBS Transit buses only) have indicated the deployment changes.

Crossover Buses are Buses that may ply on certain services during some parts of the day, typically during peak hours. Such buses should not be listed on the deployment pages.