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As a common practice globally, it is necessary to cite a source that you use or refer to when writing or expanding an article. A source could be in the form of news articles, magazines, books or even electronic media such as videos or photographs. All information should be based on factual, reliable and published sources.

Before adding information, it is important to verify the content of the source. A good way of verification is using the "CRAAP" template. (Further Reading: "CRAAP Template"). Any content from nonfactual or unreferenced sources are subjected to removal. Please do not use copyrighted items and upload them to sgWiki.

Adding a Reference(s)

To add a reference to support a statement or paragraph, add "<ref>" at the start of the reference statement and </ref> at the end of the reference statement.

Near the bottom of the page, create a heading called "References" and under "References", type "<references/>".

As a general guide, a reference must consist of either a URL or a Book article name. It is good to include the publisher name, author name, publish date and/or access date (if using an online article).

Adding to an existing Reference(s)

Sometimes, a single reference may be used to support multiple statement/paragraph(s). However, adding multiple reference tags will be too troublesome and messy. To make things easier, make sure you name the first reference which contains the reference statement.

<ref name=" [Reference Name] >"

Reference Name is the name of reference tag.

For subsequent references, you will just need to put the following tag to link.

<ref name=" [Reference Name] />"

Fake news

Editors are encouraged to cross-verify information obtained through any website at all times. When in doubt, obtain information only from official sites such as a company or organisation newsfeed.