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{{Bus deployments notice}}
Welcome to sgWiki Buses - your one-stop information on Singapore Buses!
Please read the [[SgWiki:Guidebook|sgWiki Guidelines]] before editing any pages.
==Bus Deployments==
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===Bus Contracting Model (BCM) Buses===
*'''[[Bus Deployments]]'''
*[[Bus Deployments by Package]]
*[[Bus Deployments from Depots]]
*[[SBS Transit Bus Deployments by Service]]
*[[SMRT Bus Deployments by Service]]
*[[Tower Transit Bus Deployments by Service]]
*[[Go-Ahead Bus Deployments by Service]]
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===Private Operators===
*[[CDS Bus Deployments|City Direct Services Bus Deployments]]
*[[NUS Internal Shuttle Bus Deployments]]
*[[NTU Internal Shuttle Buses]]
*[[PBS Bus Deployments|Premium Services Bus Deployments]]
*[[Sentosa Buses]]
*[[Strides Bus Deployments]]
*[[NUS Internal Shuttle Bus Deployments by Service]]
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==Non-Revenue Buses==
*[[SBS Transit Non-Revenue Buses]]
*[[SMRT Non-Revenue Buses]]
*[[Tower Transit Non-Revenue Buses]]
*[[Go-Ahead Non-Revenue Buses]]
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==Former Deployments==
*[[SBS Transit Former Deployments]]
*[[SMRT Former Deployments]]
*[[Tower Transit Former Deployments]]
*[[Go-Ahead Former Deployments]]
*[[LTA Storage Buses Former Deployments]]
*[[SMRT Task Force 50 Former Deployments]]
*[[CDS Former Deployments|City Direct Services Former Deployments]]
*[[PPSS Former Deployments|Peak Period Short Services Former Deployments]]
*[[Specification of Former Buses]]
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==Bus Lifespan Information==
*[[De-registration of Buses]] ''(for retiring buses)''
*[[Bus Lifespan Expiry Date]] ''(for revenue buses)''
*[[Registration Date of Buses]]
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==Other Information==
*'''[[Singapore Bus Fleet]]'''
*[[Bus Interchanges, Terminals & Depots]]
*[[Bus Operations Control Centre]]
*[[Bus Registration Conversion List]]
*[[Defunct Bus Interchanges & Terminals]]
*[[Implementation of Wheelchair-Accessible Bus (WAB) Services]]
*[[PTO Handover Exercise]]
*[[Vehicle Checksum Formula]]
===Non-Basic Services===
*[[City Direct Services]]
*[[Peak Period Short Services]]
*[[Premium Bus Services]]
*[[Scheme B Bus Routes]]
===Service Guide Information===
*'''[[Gallery of Service Guides‎]]'''
*[[Service Guides Cut-Off Date]]
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==Bus History Information==
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===Route Changes===
*'''[[History of Bus Services|Main Page]]'''
*[[1971 Bus Reorganisation]]
*[[1974 Bus Rationalisation]]
*[[Bus Service Changes for the Opening of Boon Lay Bus Interchange]] (1990)
*[[Bus-MRT Rationalisation]] (1988 - 1990)
*[[Jurong Town Bus Services Rationalisation 1978]]
*[[Woodlands MRT Rationalisation]] (1996)
*[[Bukit Panjang LRT Rationalisation]] (1999)
*[[Jurong West Bus Rationalisation 2001]]
*[[North East Line Bus Rationalisation 2003]]
*[[Downtown Line Bus Rationalisation]] (2015 - 2020)
*[[Temporary Shuttle Services]] (1987 - 1990)
*[[TransitLink Integration Exercise]] (1990 - 1993)
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===Former Routes===
*[[Changi Airport Bus Services]] (1981-83)
*[[City Shuttle Services Route]]
*[[Former SBS Transit Nite Owl Services Route‎]]
*[[SBS Blue Arrow Services]]
*[[SBS Turf Club Services]]
*[[SBS Transit CityBuzz Services]]
*[[SBS Transit CityShopper Services]]
*[[SBS Transit Stadium Direct Services]]
*[[Singapore Bus Routes 1966]]
*[[Singapore Bus Routes 1971]]
*[[Singapore Bus Routes 1972]]
*[[Singapore Bus Routes 1973]]
*[[Singapore Bus Routes 1979-80]]
*[[Singapore Shuttle Bus]]
*[[TIBS NightRider Bus Services]]
[[Category: Buses]]

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