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Luis Lim[1] (Traditional Chinese: 林泳錕, also credited as Louis Lim and Lin Yong Kun) is a Singapore thespian and actor.


Lim is primarily involved in theatre work as a director. He has represented Singapore in ASEAN theatre exchange programmes with Thailand.

He is also known for playing supporting roles, mostly as thugs, in local Chinese television. Lim was managed by JTeam in the 1990s and played the role of a Sergeant in the sketch series Liang Ximei, in the variety show Comedy Nite. This role inspired Jack Neo's Ah Boys to Men duology.

Lim has also acted on the silver screen. His first known role was in Hitman in the City, where he played a henchman. He has also collaborated with Simon Yam and Kathy Chow Hoi-mei in the film Chu Mu Jing Xin.

Lim is also an opera artiste, specialising in Xiang and Huangmei opera.



Year Title Role Notes
1997 Comedy Nite Various roles
2006 The Undisclosed Tim Episode 19
2008 The Golden Path Old Monkey Episodes 21, 22
2012 Unriddle 2
2013 C.L.I.F 2
Year Title Role Notes
1998 Hitman in the City Henchman
2006 The Undisclosed Tim Episode 19
2007 Truth be Told Mr Tan


  • Love on Stage (2007)
  • Hua Mulan the Musical (2008)


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