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Jack Neo Chee Keong, PBM, is a Singaporean director, actor, comedian, host, and singer.


Neo found his passion when he wrote and acted in a comedy sketch at age 14.

His career started in the 1980s, when he started to dabble in part-time acting, hosting, and singing. Neo also conducted drama-training classes in the late 80s and early 90s, which produced actors like Lim Poh Huat.

Personal life[edit]

Neo was educated at Tanjong Katong Secondary School. He scored 20 points for his GCE O-level examinations, which did not qualify him for entrance to a polytechnic or junior college. However, his score was sufficient to enter the Officer Cadet School, and he signed on at the age of 17. He is married to Irene Kng, and has four children. Neo is a Christian, and attends City Harvest Church. Previously, Neo claimed he was a Christian-Buddhist hybrid.

Extramarital affair scandal[edit]

In March 2010, freelance model and actress Wendy Chong revealed a 2-year-long extramarital affair with Jack Neo to Kng. Neo admitted the affair, and Irene reportedly told Neo that she had suspected him of an affair for some time. Chong claimed that Neo initiated the affair, and threatened to hurt herself when Neo tried to break off the affair. On 9 March 2010, additional news reports were released about Neo having or requesting sexual favours with up to 11 women. He reportedly tried to initiate affairs with actress-host Foyce Le Xuan and French student Maelle Meurzec, unsuccesfully. Both women had minor roles in Neo's movies. Meurzec was 16 when Neo attempted to initiate a relationship in 2005. On 11 March, Neo and Kng held a dramatic five-minute press conference, where Neo apologised tearfully for his actions, and Kng fainted after reiterating her love for Neo. Both requested that the media spare them.

Neo's endorsement deal with Mitsubishi Electric Asia was dropped quickly, and TV, vehicular and print ads were quickly removed. Advertisers Goh Joo Hin and Bee Cheng Hiang appeared to adopt a wait-and-see response, but subsequently removed all advertisements quietly afterward. Neo's endorsement deal with a maid agency was not affected.