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Talking Cock the Movie is a Singapore film released in May 2002. It is the brainchild of Colin Goh, founder of Singaporean website,, which satirises local current affairs and politics, highlighting the importance of supporting free speech in Singapore.


The movie includes the use of Malay, Tamil, various Chinese dialects, as well as Singlish. The film was completely subtitled in English.


The film stars non-professional locals plucked from the heartland, in several scenes depicting the lives of exaggerated stereotype characters of the heartland.

  • Neil Humphreys as Sir Stamford Raffles
  • Kirpal Singh as himself
  • Khoo Swee Chiow as himself


The film features four short stories, linked by a series of sketches and animated sequences based on some of's most popular characters, such as the Turbanator and Lim Peh. The stories are briefly as follows:

Founding of Singapore[edit]

A short sketch that jokingly explains the etymology of the name 'Singapore'.

Three friends[edit]

Three office workers at lunchtime discuss the lacklustre support of local films.

Auntie Auntie Power[edit]

An office worker insults a tea-lady. Unbeknownst to him, the tea-lady has a network of friends, who she enlists to enact revenge. They taint the man's soup with laxatives, pour itching powder on his toilet-paper, and fine him for illegal parking before he can drive off.

Lim Peh[edit]

A lecherous old man flirts with a pretty lady, only to be frightened away by her abundance of armpit hair.


Playing the childhood game 'Bhai simi sek?', the three friends discover the existence of the Turbanator, who pinches the nipples of those who play the game.[edit]

A young polytechnic graduate wants to dotcom his father's loan shark business. A wry look at an old profession's collision with the new economy.

Hoot U[edit]

A gangster sets up a 'university' to educate youngsters in the art of gangsterism.

Climbing multi-storey carparks[edit]

Singaporean mountaineer Khoo Swee Chiow attempts to conquer every multi-storey carpark in Tampines.

Cling-wrap maids[edit]

A continuation from the multi-storey carpark sketch. Swee Chiow encounters a group of maids who sacrifice employers to avenge the death of all maids who die from falls sustained during window-cleaning.


Khong Hai Khoo, a drunkard, is hailed as the greatest poet.

Wrong Number[edit]

It is about a young man who loses his mobile phone in a taxi, and the strange circumstances that ensue when he meets the person who has found it.


A young girl working in a dim sum shop decides to woo one of her customers… with unexpected results.

Razi Learns To Rock[edit]

A hard rock band scrambles to find a substitute after losing their lead singer and has to educate him in the art of being cool.