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Welcome to my talk page! Before you start using sgWiki, please read the sgWiki Guidebook carefully and abide by all the rules in sgWiki.

Please use this talk page for the following:

(1) Request deletion of outdated articles or any articles that you feel that it is not required to be in sgWiki.
(2) Feedback or suggestion to improve existing pages in sgWiki.
(3) Appeal of bans. Remember that ban appeals can only be done once, and if you are re-banned, there will be no further appeals. Please indicate clearly if you are banned by mistake. Note that appeal decision would be final once the final outcome is made.
(4) Any questions regarding about editing in sgWiki or the sgWiki Guidebook.
(5) Removal of Autoblock function. If necessary, please also specifically indicate the actual autoblock so that I can locate it and I will remove it.

Do not use this talk page for:

(1) Captcha issues - please direct queries to the administrator 'Jason' talk page.
(2) Request to retrieve or restore deleted revisions of an existing sgWiki article or restoring deleted articles including outdated ones - all requests will be rejected and persistent/disruptive requests will subject to a ban.
(3) Spamming/advertising purposes. This will lead to an immediate ban.
(4) Other actions that would be deemed disruptive, prohibited or inappropriate in sgWiki. Severe violations will result in permanent ban, depending on the situation.

Please write your message below this line. Thank you.