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Recent Edits[edit]


I have some doubts with regards to your recent edits

1. The 55x410W crossovers are still seen consistently, including today.
2. Can I ask what services the 63xx citaros have been seen on this week, since you said they are not for 53?
3. While I have seen 6011E and 6095M on 54 multiple times, are they really perm 54 (and likewise 6670, 6671, 6751 for 53)? I still saw 6011 on 53 as well as 6670, 6671 on 54 over the past few weeks. You may want to kiv that further.

Noted your observations, thanks!

BNDEP 7 & 35 swaps[edit]

Hi, have noticed your edits on the fleet swaps between Services 7 and 35. However, I noticed last Thursday at 6pm that there was this BNDEP A95 on Service 7 that changed the display from 7 to 35 while it was going to end its trip in Bedok Int. Got a feeling that there are some crossover/interlining duties between both services, do check to see if it is true. Thanks!


Have observed and there is no interlining duties. The ex sv7 man dds are run full day on sv35. It could be a coincidence since sv35 is almost full fleet man dds. There is no interlining duties on sv7a/b as observed



I am an administrator involving sgWiki Rail sections, as such I am unable to ban Draconite Dragon without a solid proof.

In regards to your claim, Can you provide

(1) a list of services does SBS3937D perform throughout the month?

(2) a proof of SG5849Z in a car accident in June, showing its rego plate clearly

(3) a list of services does SBS6155Z perform throughout the month?

(4) In regards to excess bus and total number, can you provide which service does the user edited for me to review the history?

Otherwise, you may procceed to ask the other sgWiki editor.

Thanks & Regards