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Rules for my feedback to stop irritate me.

  • Please kindly wait for up to 7 days unless stated otherwise for my reply to your feedback. No reply will be given if your feedback does not require reply or I could not answer to your feedback.
  • Please do not ask for general question like How to etc.
  • Please do not ask for permission to do something.
  • Please refrain from requesting to retrieved deleted article as excessive history will be cleared.
  • When requesting me to edit locked pages, please give either
    • Affected sections code
    • Advertisement in full
    • Affected parts to change in details.
    • Avoid statement like same as other vehicle
  • Please kindly indicate Autoblock ID if you have been affected from it.

Leave your message below[edit]

Addition of Terminating variants using "T" suffix in History of Bus Services Page[edit]

Hi Supernutorcrazy,

I have noted that a user named Singapore Buses has added separate sections for this type of route variant (eg. 83T). I would like to ask if such a variant should have a separate section or should it be together with its parent service. Hoping that you are able to advise accordingly.

Thank you.




May I ask why was I blocked just today after I edited to add the bus stop code for Boon Lay Stn?

Thanks and regards,


Rail Bridging Bus Deployments[edit]


Thanks for the clarifications. I would also like to add that the boarding point for Shuttle 21 at Punggol Temp Int is at Berth B5, not Berth B2. Berth B2 is used for LRT Bridging Services, thanks.

- SingaporePublicTransportShowcase

Enquiry from 'AirFan19': Bus rego usernames[edit]


The above mentioned user has wrote in to my talk page to request for an exemption for his friend who wants to join the sgWiki community using a bus registration number as the username.

'Hi SMB315C,

I have a friend who want to create an account for this wiki using a bus rego. However, since bus rego account names are banned here, he wants me to testify that he is not a disruptive editing user (per Supernutorcrazy's reply to SimonLim88 last time, As such, can I ask, will exemption be granted if a known user on the wiki can testify that a newly created account on this wiki with a banned username is not a disruptive account/an account created solely for the disturbance of peace on this wiki?'

Update: Thanks for the clarification, I will contact my friend.