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Rail Wiki Expansion[edit]

Hi Supernutorcrazy,

Is it OK to add info of train deployments (including TRNs and their sequences), acronyms legend and train fleet info (similar to what's done for buses)?
Data can be obtained from here:
All data collated in the above document are based on spottings and observations from fellow enthusiasts.

I hope you will support us to make these valuable information more accessible to all. Thank you.

Sengkang / Punggol LRT Route Map, Plaform Layout[edit]

No objections for Sengkang / Punggol LRT route to be entirely based on geological layout. Initially thought that the EWL Changi branch can also be my point of reference, but geological layout is more logical. For the subsequent LRT stations do we just only include the stations that are within the direction of travel within the loop + opposite loop?

Looking at the platform layouts, I believe we have more than enough space to implement the pictograms bah. Nothing comes to mind that any of the elevators/escalators, faregates, Passenger Service Centre would clash together in one layout. Ticketing machines should be easy to find unless the machines that only accept cash are hard to find within a station, so I don't think that would be a priority.

I have two different takes on exit layouts. One is within the station concourse, and the other, the Locality maps that we are all familiar with. I personally feel that it is more important to indicate the exit locations within the concourse. As for Locality maps, would rather think of putting it on the Alternative Travel Methods pages of certain stations. Can disregard if the locality maps are very detailed in indicating bus stops eg. Maxwell, otherwise, maps that date back to the early 2010s eg. Chinatown, Boon Lay or lacking in detail really need some updated exit map guidance so that we can convey to them where the bus stops are.


I think we are good to go with sticking with a single line option for an LRT layout so that there is a clear sense of direction. We will not need an entire loop.

And just nice! City Hall platform and concourse illustrations perfectly fit what we are looking for. I would strongly encourage to give this kind of design a go. Maybe you are right, provided if no size constraints on the wiki page, for an afterthought, we can consider putting the ticketing machine positions after we get everything laid out.

You and I are also on the same page when it comes to Locality Map presentation. There is indeed lots of inconsistency in various stations. I had once wrote in asking the authorities and MRT operator to get the 2013 Chinatown map upgraded, they say they would, but I have not heard a word from them ever since, nor was it renewed. I believe getting every MRT/LRT station to have the newer TEL standard map will take eternity. Raffles Place map may have upgraded, but in turn did not reflect OCBC Bldg or Prudential Twr bus stops.

For a start, I think we can focus on just three details on a map on this wiki: Road Shape, Exit Alphabets/Numbers, and Bus Stops with numbers. Important amenities second, that would be an afterthought. In this way it will be less exhausting, and we can make better effort and productivity for make such map layouts for every station.

Reply (11/1/2023)[edit]

Road name, 5-digit bus stop code, the suggested visual markers and exit numbers as the main map details should work fine. Looking forward to implementation! Maybe we can try out City Hall first, the road shapes there are almost straight, and not really much development happening nearby. Do let me know how much time it takes to make such a sample map.

Oh and one more question, is the line layout supposed to like only reflect one station code at transfer stations?

Would like to seek advice. Thanks and regards.

Reply (12/1/2023)[edit]

In chemistry, only a suitable range of the amount of catalyst added will increase the rate of reaction. If we use an excessive amount of catalyst, there will be little effect on the rate of reaction.

Like how we have 200+ stations in Singapore, we will find that implementing locality map on an image graphic can be done within a year, which you say can use Photoshop for processing, and that might spur us in finishing the job. Even if editing means that we have to replace the image graphic, but assuming replacing the image graphic=same process as implementing image graphic first hand, few days of editing will still be worth it. On the opposite hand, we might find ourselves giving up halfway in implementing a wiki html, though initially it sounded tempting that a future edit would be easier, and that adds up to more than a decade and a half. That would be comparable to growing a gingko tree and waiting for it to bear fruit.

I was also thinking, we can straightaway dive directly into exits numbers/layout to platform layout/concourse as one of the choices selected, since this type of implementation is also doable within the one day range. Looking forward to how the effect will look like so that we can compare.

Map progress[edit]

Thanks for the update! Will this 5 min walking speed be the standard plan for all stations? Because I am about to plan to send over the map screenshots with all the required 5-digit stop codes(as remarks) reflected in the alternative travel pages.I will do my best to assist in this process.

Reply: Fleet Size of 912[edit]


I will leave the fleet size as 4 for now. As far as I know they only have 4 buses scheduled with 5 AP duties every day.

Concourse and exit layout WIP[edit]

Bedok draft has been sketched from Photoshop, and I am on my way to collect more icons, and will make a visit to Admiralty probably next week to trial a similar layout.

Current elevator dimension is 160x160 on a side note.

As discussed before, I agree that there is indeed a need for a file sharing system, especially for icons. Thanks and Regards