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Rules for my feedback to stop irritate me.

  • Please kindly wait for up to 7 days unless stated otherwise for my reply to your feedback. No reply will be given if your feedback does not require reply or I could not answer to your feedback.
  • Please do not ask for general question like How to etc.
  • Please do not ask for permission to do something.
  • Please refrain from requesting to retrieved deleted article as excessive history will be cleared.
  • When requesting me to edit locked pages, please give either
    • Affected sections code
    • Advertisement in full
    • Affected parts to change in details.
    • Avoid statement like same as other vehicle
  • Please kindly indicate Autoblock ID if you have been affected from it.

Leave your message below[edit]

RE: About the Wiki[edit]

Hi Supernutorcrazy,

I'm sorry to hear about the false accusations which led to the Wiki's current state, however I believe that does not mean that their "beliefs" should get in the way of maintaining order in the Wiki.

As much as you are "not allowed to moderate", I believe that, at the very least, sgWiki Guidebook guidelines should be enforced until Jason resolves the issue with all Administrators & involved infiltrators.

I know that there are other wikis out there that are getting constantly vandalized, and it is also just as difficult keeping things in order as well as starting a whole new wiki, having to set up all pages again to provide relevant info.

I'm sorry if I sound imposing, but it is for the good of the wiki.


About a username change...[edit]

Good evening sir,

I was wondering if I could get a username change to a SMRT registration number. Just like how some users have bus plates in their username. Eg. SG5064X, SMB1572U etc.