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Rules for my feedback to stop irritate me.

  • Please kindly wait for up to 7 days unless stated otherwise for my reply to your feedback. No reply will be given if your feedback does not require reply or I could not answer to your feedback.
  • Please do not ask for permission to do something.
  • Please refrain from requesting to retrieved deleted article as excessive history will be cleared.
  • When requesting me to edit locked pages, please give either
    • Affected sections code
    • Advertisement in full
    • Affected parts to change in details.
    • Avoid statement like same as other vehicle

User SBS3107H

Hi could you remove SBS3107H as admin? I feel he doesn't deserve the admin role from the way he reverts edit for no rhyme or reason,and editing it back himself, before he starts blocking users

User SBS3107H

to add on the above feedback regarding SBS3107H, i have actually make the same feedback earlier to APEX-LW21 last week. many incorrect edit by this user and also, recently he undo CORRECT edit for new registration for B5LH page and lock the page and reedit himself with the same information. why? is that B5lH section reserve entirely for him?

EDIT: ADD ON 20/3, just discover that he is doing the same for MAN A95/MAN A22 BATCH 4 PAGE. other person edits new registration (under Go-ahead) and he undo all the edit of these registrations? and he edit it back himself? so being a moderator is allowed to do this?

rgds lemon1974

User Bus33333 & Tangabriel

Hi, both of them have been doing disruptive editing to "quarrel" and both of them used a mod notice ok each other's userpage. Could you look into this? Thank you.