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Rules for my feedback to stop irritate me.

  • Please kindly wait for up to 7 days unless stated otherwise for my reply to your feedback. No reply will be given if your feedback does not require reply or I could not answer to your feedback.
  • Please do not ask for general question like How to etc.
  • Please do not ask for permission to do something.
  • Please refrain from requesting to retrieved deleted article as excessive history will be cleared.
  • When requesting me to edit locked pages, please give either
    • Affected sections code
    • Advertisement in full
    • Affected parts to change in details.
    • Avoid statement like same as other vehicle
  • Please kindly indicate Autoblock ID if you have been affected from it.

Leave your message below[edit]

RE: About the Wiki[edit]

Hi Supernutorcrazy,

I'm sorry to hear about the false accusations which led to the Wiki's current state, however I believe that does not mean that their "beliefs" should get in the way of maintaining order in the Wiki.

As much as you are "not allowed to moderate", I believe that, at the very least, sgWiki Guidebook guidelines should be enforced until Jason resolves the issue with all Administrators & involved infiltrators.

I know that there are other wikis out there that are getting constantly vandalized, and it is also just as difficult keeping things in order as well as starting a whole new wiki, having to set up all pages again to provide relevant info.

I'm sorry if I sound imposing, but it is for the good of the wiki.


About a username change...[edit]

Good evening sir,

I was wondering if I could get a username change to a SMRT registration number. Just like how some users have bus plates in their username. Eg. SG5064X, SMB1572U etc.



Re: Please assist in verify edit[edit]


Thanks for the heads up.

I'm unsure whether this particular bus perms Sv70. However it is frequently spotted on both Sv70 & Sv162M.

Typo in Travel Advisory[edit]

Hi Supernutorcrazy,

I am leaving you this message regarding a grammatical error in the travel advisory in the section of the relocation of Jurong East Bus Interchange.

In the second and last point, it states that services 78, 97, 97e and 197 will be “shorten” to etc instead of “shortened”. Looking at the other points, the past tense was used so I feel that this is a grammatical error.

I am sorry for disturbing you regarding this tiny error but it will be great if it could be taken into consideration. Thank you!!

Regards, Jonathanchu

Regarding user : Stonks[edit]


I'm writing this topic in regards to a user whose name goes by "Stonks". He added many information to wiki pages which are not true to present timing. I will list some examples in this list to show his acts of vandalism. Correct me if I'm wrong, no one is allowed to add new information UNLESS they have been put into revenue service.

MAN ND323F (Batch 5)

1) He claimed on 30 September that there were new buses delivered to LTA Storage with 1 being delivered to HGDEP. (SG6189M > HGDEP // SG6190H - SG6206Y > LTA Storage)

2) He then proceeded to add in a new set of registration numbers ON THE SAME DAY to LTA Storage Buses without valid evidence that either they were in Seletar Depot or in any other storage locations. (SG6207U - SG6214Z > LTA Storage)

SMRT Non Revenue Buses

3) He added SMB30Z (KJDEP 176 at time of edit) to SMRT Non Revenue Buses list while the specified bus was not in the laid up corner, or rather no accidents were known.

City Direct 660

4) He claimed that SG5900H & SG5917K were out of 660 while I spotted them physically at Shenton Way.

5) He added SG6173H as an 856 perm without editing other pages properly such as Trunk Services 825 - 860 and other relevant pages.

Thank you for reading this post. I do hope you consider taking action against him as this is not his first offense after noticing he has a warning point on his discussion page.

Yours sincerely,