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Service 122[edit]

Hi, can I ask regarding the 400/122 crossover is it definitely a sharebus? It may also be a 400 duty with multiple crossover trips to 122 during PM Peak. And are the buses doing that duty different everyday?

dude heard of something called split shift before?[edit]

Bus Deployment[edit]

Hi, I would like to clarify that SG1812E - SG1817S is under SBS Transit (Seletar Depot).



Please refrain from

  • Adding unnecessary notes such as 'Unsure which bus change deployment to 291', '1 DD bus change deployment from 293 to 291' & 'Please confirm which' [1] [2]
  • Misusing template(s) [3]
  • Removing bus deployments after the bus met into a minor accident [4]
  • Assuming that non-revenue buses are deregistered right after they are scrapped [5]
  • Adding unnecessary spare ('SP') & weekend deployment ('//') status for bus deployment(s) [6] [7]

Thank you.

Rely from Email[edit]


Sorry for replying late from the email.

The disruptive editing portion was reinstated from 12 September 2019 for your actions of abusing Template:Blocked User and the disruptive editing made on MAN NL323F Batch 4 pages.

The new warning point was issued on 9 February 2020 for not synchronising information on withdrawal of service.

Thanks & Regards

KJDEP A24s[edit]


These A24s are temporarily deployed on 190 due to road works along roads which services 300 and 301 cover.

No reply is needed.