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SEDEP Deployment Observation

Hi there!!

Thank you so much for letting me know your observations! Yes, I have observed the same for 2003E and 6077R, so I’ll edit the necessary pages later. As for 6575U and 1026H, they have been spare buses for very long and it’s very unlikely that they suddenly perm 135. They could be consistently replacing other buses on various duties. However, I’ll keep a lookout for these 2 buses, since 135’s fleet has been quite messy since the route amendment.

The other change I have observed is 1173R. I think it made a swap with 1101Z, so 1173R now perms 70/162.

Thank you for your help!!



Request Denied


Thanks for you compilation. However, I would like to reject your request and wait for the protection to be lifted at 4am tomorrow morning.

This is due to lots of conflicting and mass editing on the page which may result in confusion and mis-information, and hence the protection that took effect the night before.

We seek your understanding of it as you go around compiling a list of what need to be change.