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User: Any2 full SD DD BD[edit]

Hi SMB315C,

I would like to bring your attention to the above mentioned user. I have noticed that he has been adding and removing notes with regards to services being full SD or full DD fleet on Weekends and Public Holidays. Fundamentally, this is acceptable. However, I have noticed that he changes eithout checking or done physical observations at all. For example, the latest one that he edited was for Service 163. He added the note for full SD fleet on Weekends and Public Holidays despite DDs still in operation on Saturdays. To support this, there is even a note on SG5512U performing on 163A on Saturdays. Hence, it is very clear that he is amending such notes without regard to such factors.

I hope you can look into this. Thank you.

Regards, Themystery

Tower Transit: Operator Logo on Buses[edit]


As buses under TTS have differing operator logo color schemes (White for BUDEP, Green for MDDEP), is there a need to state this in the Notes (for buses of the same model, at least)?

If yes, how should it be phrased?

Please advise, thanks.


Regarding the notation of Flexi deployment on Bus Model pages[edit]


The topic above was brought up by a user some time ago, but not much discussion took place before the topic was deleted, so I might as well just bring it up again.

Apparently both Flexi deployment and buses which did not enter service yet (but has been confirmed to be allocated to which depot) are denoted by a Depot only deployment notation.

For instance, the current edition as of this edit of MAN A22 Euro 6 buses of TTS MDDEP are notated to have only “MDDEP” as a message for buses that did not enter service yet but are confirmed to be housed at Mandai Depot. However, for Flexi deployment situations (as mentioned by user RaphaelM for SG1823Z) it is also notated in only “MDDEP”. This may cause certain confusion regarding whether this bus has entered service or it is Flexi deployment, especially for GAS and TTS where most buses are Flexi deployment.

As such, I wish to propose the following short forms: FD for flexi deployment, and NIS for not in service (buses which has not been seen on revenue service yet), to prevent such confusion.

I hope you can take my suggestion into consideration. Thank you.



Add on[edit]

I think this problem should also looked into. Would second those Flexi Deployment to hold an annotation similar to spare bus to differentiate those had entered into service and those didn't.

Secondly, I would also propose that for service with flexi deployment, instead of putting "Any Single Decker" etc., I would recommend if possible to also include the number of buses like "Any 3 Single Decker"

Errant Edit[edit]

Hi, can you please verify the following edits by Erwinlee95: [1]

According to some info, some spotted that SG1033L is not under LTA storage but is currently under revenue service.

Thanks & Regards


Hi just to ask what time do you see SMB319S (on 178) everyday and which slot is it on?

False edits for bus advertisements[edit]

Dear SMB315C,

I am sorry with regards to the warning point template. I promise that I will not put any false edits for bus advertisements as I added the advertisement details correctly based on my information and my sightings.

Thank you.

-Aravindhan Ravikumar (talk) 07:38, 24 October 2021 (+08)