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Re: Service 147 duties[edit]

Hi SMB315C,

I have noted your reply. By any chance, do you happen to know the HGDEP side of duties? Thank you.


Departure Time removal & Regrouping of some service[edit]

Hi SMB315C,

Any updates on the proposed departure time that you had left on my talk page?

Add on: On second thought should we implement the departure times table for all services? It would be similar to those shown in the Short-Trip & Express service pages.

Additionally, I will do some partial regroup of some service instead of following the list on my talkpage to take into consideration of:

  • Each page will aim to have 20 subheadings.
  • The range for each page will be small (No large range i.e. 200 - 258).
  • "Outliner route numbering" will try to fit into their package main numbering range (i.e. 825 - 860 & 882 - 927 instead of 825 - 859 & 860 - 927)

Thanks & Regards