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Changing of template source code

Hi, please help me delete Template:BD/7, Template:BD/9, Template:BD/10 & Template:BD/Test. I'm more or less done with the conversion. Bbb23 (talk) 23:30, 27 March 2019 (+08)

Re: Retired Buses Pages

Good evening admin.

A few weeks ago, I had thought of doing the cover(your method using bus images & the former operators template) of some retired bus pages(mostly SBST), following your example of what you did to most SMRT retired bus pages and the Dennis Tridents. Thus I tried to find some good quality SBS Transit retired bus images in order to do those covers and now, I have made them and placed it onto my talk page for you to review, namely the B10M Mk4, VO2X, VO3X and LO3X.

I also noticed the changes in the SBST bus gallery recently. Previously, I had intended to renew the gallery as most of the bus pictures displayed were bad in quality. However, I apologise if I had made any mistake during the process of renewing the gallery, as well as not telling you earlier about doing the covers for the retired bus pages as I was busy.


new strides /bus plus bus


PC7991M is aleady registered. this is the lush green BYD bus for 825.. cant find the info of this vehicle, so cant create the wiki page. not sure whether u can help to add in/create the wiki page?.. not sure about the rego for the other 3 buses though. this bus does not seem to be register to strides/bus-plus or smrt bus..


Short-Trip 88A and 88B and queries

I have noted that there is an additional B10TL that is performing 88B, so one of the perms may or may not be doing 88B at all, considering the extremely tight schedule. For your info.

Also, do you think the "T" suffix should be added to the services (eg. Feeder 291/T instead of just Feeder 291 currently)?


Re: Short-Trip 88A and 88B and queries


Noted for 88A and 88B, I will monitor and see the changes. For now, I will leave it as it is.

For the 'T' suffix, I feel it should be included since Feeder 811/812 has notes on this. Furthermore, this way readers will not think of eg. 811T and 812T as a totally different service. However, I think a small notes section stating that it does not carry on its journey on the the East Loop etc. would be useful. But anyway, it is your call, you can just let me know if it is not feasible. Thanks.


Re: MKI deployments

Good evening, admin.

One non-user alerted me that the O405G Box Bendy page has some inconsistencies. The production batch box bendies were registered between 1997 - 1998 but the beginning time of their deployment was written as 1996. Is there anything that could be done about it?



Hi, I think Option 1 is better in my opinion.

1. Assume those bendies made their debut on revenue service on that exact year they were registered.