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off peak/peak[edit]



i saw the frequency range under transitlink but guess that is just a guide..

for those short trips, i think we can just put the timing ? most of the timing can be found in SBST app. (first and last bus for short trip).

for downroute, this is the headache, as there are alway different downroute/halfway-trip.

i would suggest as below.

Before 0630: before Weekdays morning peak. 0630 to 0830: during Weekdays morning peak. 0831 to 1159: during Weekdays OFF PEAK 1200 to 1659: during Weekdays OFF PEAK 1700 to 1900: during Weekdays evening peak. 1901 to end of duty: during Weekdays night

the bus lane timing is a bit weird because it is actually based on the CBD bus lane timing whereby during these hours, the traffic is heavier.

i would think below timing from transitlink off peak pass programme can be used.

AM peak: 630-900 PM peak: 1700-1930

The timings during which the Off-Peak Pass (OPP) can be used are: from the start of service to 6:29am, between 9:01am and 4:59pm, and from 7:31pm on weekdays, and all-day on weekends and public holidays.

Simplification of Notes Section[edit]

Hi SMB315C,

In line with your recent edits to re organise the notes section in the bus services, may I propose another way of expressing the notes section?

Service 158 edit:

Service 159 edit:

I have made these changes previously in Service 854's page and was wondering if it could be standardised across all operators.

Service 854 edit:

Thank you. If you do have any other ways to improve this idea, please do let me know. Thanks!

No vandalism was intended. If in any way you feel like I had made inappropriate changes, please do inform me and we can see if the situation can be improved.



Express 851e Deployments and the use of the "//" notation[edit]

Hi SMB315C,

I would like to firstly mention that the perm buses allocated to 851e are as follows:

SG1749E SG1750A
2 MAN NL323F (2 Batch 4)

SG5921Y SG5922U SG5923S SG5924P SG5925L SG5926J
6 MAN ND323F (6 Batch 4)

However, these perm buses only operate on 851e on Fridays, Weekends & Public Holidays. They will, however, perform on other SEDEP bus services such as Service 70 on Mondays to Thursdays. Other buses from other SEDEP bus services will perform in these E6 buses' stead on Mondays to Thursdays. As such, I am not exactly sure on how to denote this in the respective bus model pages as the "//" implies as "Weekend deployment". But as a matter of fact, the dates we are referring to here is Mondays to Thursdays, which does not fall under this category.

I was wondering if it is better to rename this "//" symbol as something else such as "Secondary deployment" other than "Weekend deployment" so as to better reflect such types of deployments and to prevent confusion for editors and readers.

This is because if I currently use the "//" symbol for the these E6 buses, using SG5921Y as an example, it will be awkward to label as SEDEP 851e//70 as a normal editor and reader would interpret it as it operates on 70/M on Weekends & Public Holidays but in actual fact it operates on 70/M on Mondays to Thursdays instead. Furthermore, if I label it the other way around, which is SEDEP 70//851e, it will be misleading to editors and readers to think that the bus perms 70 but in actual fact it perms 851e instead. I feel that currently, both ways of representing the deployment are not correct and hence, this is why I am having the dilemma here.

For now, I am aware that the user Peace & Harmony has reverted RichtigSauer's edit back to reflect the original version of display which is the 2nd example as mentioned above which is also incorrect.

Hope you can look into this. Thank you so much.

Cheers, Themystery