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Classification of SBS Transit's Jurong Industrial Services

Hi SMB315C,

I am here to clarify on the classification of SBS Transit's Jurong Industrial Services (JIS). I feel that JIS should be classified under "Basic services - Special trunk services" instead of "Non-basic services - Special services" on the SBS Transit Bus Deployments by Service page. This is because JIS also charge normal trunk fares and are quite indifferent from regular trunk services. However, those classified under "Non-basic services" mean that they do not charge regular trunk fares.

Hope that you understand. Thank you.


Deletion of Former Deployments of Volvo B10BLE page

Hi SMB315C,

I edited the former deployments of Volvo B10BLE in the Volvo B10BLE page. Please delete the Former Deployments of Volvo B10BLE page as this is unnecessary. Thank you.


Deletion of Former Deployments of Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano MK1) and Former Deployments Of Dennis Trident pages

Hi SMB315C,

We already put the former deployments in the Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano MK1) and Dennis Trident pages. Please delete the Former Deployments of Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano MK1) and Former Deployments of Dennis Trident as they duplicate the main page. Thank you.


RE: User: Darrylpoh

Hi SMB315C,

I have actually already reverted his edits. Thanks for the reply.

Thank you. Themystery

Filling in the actual ad details

Hi SMB315C,

Do correct the ad details for SMB308Z, SMB1316T and SMB1631H (Woods Square rear ad) as well as filling in the ad details for SMB1531M and SMB1587C (Synergix ERP Software rear ad), SMB1326P (Monster Jam Singapore rear ad) and SMB240J, SMB1511X, SMB1519A and SG1710R (Kaplan Higher Education Institute Rear Ad) as I saw them on SMRT Media website. Thank You.

GoAheadAmbassador (talk)

Filled in Ad Details

Hi SMB315C,

I corrected the Woods Square ad details for SMB308Z, SMB1316T and SMB1631H as well as additional details. Thank you.


Premium Bus Services

Hi SMB315C,

I observed the following buses on Premium Services:

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Service No. Registration no.
522 PC3367S, PC7127S
523 CB7845L, PA3581A
526 PC7198L
530 CB8097Y
531 CB7411E, CB6938J
533 PC7011S
534 PC168U
535 PA616D, PC926Z
538 PC3499U, PC5463J
539 PC4452Y
542 PC4058C
543 PC651R, PC3864Z, PC4842E
545 PC6300P, PC8006B
548 PC3588X, PC3548L
549 CB6580G
550 PC8181C, PA9300E, PC6661Y
553 PA6497R
557 PC7287M
559 PC432G, PC7493J
565 PA9388C
566 CB7171Y
568 PC7700L, PC5108K, PC4731S, PC3905P
569 PC3279M
571 PA6468A, PA6056E, PC3879G
573 PA1128P, PC738A, PZ609T
574 PA7998E, PA8364C, PA4747H
575 PC6114K, PC5858D
576 PC641U, PC8588M
584 PC1780U
586 PC7913P
588 PC7494G
591 PC7686U, PC6157L
592 PC6010B, PC6315Y, PC4981L
593 PC8099H, PA8311E, PC719E, PA456Z, PC2156R,


599 PC5988L
722 PC6161Z, PC6672R, PC3941J, PC3389D
723 PC2128Y, PC4342G
725 PC3661S
728 PA5944Z, PA5619M, PC5151J, PC2152B, PC2138T, CB2833D, PC7711E
729 PA6464K, PA9352E, CB9888A
731 PC523C, PC7686U
734 PC6270S, PC376K
735 PC39J
736 PC1539B, PC1616L
737 CB6760D
740 PA6519L, PA5711D, PA6051T
742 PC2209Y, PC9100E, PC701E, PA8761P
744 PC2229P, PC1830J, PA8954A
750 PC7621G
753 PZ609T, PZ1397Y, CB6944R, CB7349C, CB7783G
761 PC3159B
762 PC81K
763 CB7210T
764 PC726J
765 PC4991H
767 PC4001R, PC6388L
768 PD8118G, PC8118L
773 CB6050U
776 PC3868M, PA8544A
779 PC1830J, PA6582C, PC365S
785 PC3439T
786 PC8310Y
787 CB6637C

(Table done by DarkNight)

MAN NL323F (Batch 4): Protection Level


I am aware that SBS9631X had increased the protection level due to argumentative editing.

I was wondering if the page could have its protection level restored back to only autoconfirmed users, like most pages.

Please do drop a reply in my talk page if you feel its necessary.

Thank you.