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SEDEP Citaro Deployment Changes[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

Not sure about the morning crossover bus to 269 as of now, haven't seen 6810 around lately

I put 1025K as perm 269 as it always does the split shift with crossover to 262 in the afternoon

But one day this week I took 262 from amk int at about 8.10pm, was surprised to get SG1093M driven by 269 split shift bc (I did see 1093 on 269 with same bc that morning). Couldn't see DDU properly but it showed something like 269-se-4x2, definitely a crossover. I doubt it's the same one as 1025K as I saw the bus too on a different duty, and that slot should be se-413.

Really not sure how many 269/262 crossovers there are now. So many split shift duties seem to crossover. Not sure if this means 262 fleet reduction too? I haven't seen 1153 or 6580 around on 262 lately. The only full 262 split or E shift I see is 6594P


User: Bus74742[edit]


Thanks for highlighting this. Yes this particular user created the account today. I have imposed a warning point for this user for now. Will take the necessary actions when needed if the user continues to add false information.


268B for Evening Peak[edit]

Hi to both Lemon1974 and Jonathanchu,

Just letting you know that 268B is still detected on the bus apps. 1843 hours departing the first bus stop. Should be only 1 trip for evening now I believe. Thanks and regards.


Grab Unlimited Ad[edit]

The removal of Grab Unlimited was not a mistake, but "this same ad made a return onto the same rego aft becoming adless due to some issues from Grab", quote from another bus enthusiast