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Walch Centralin[edit]

Hi Lemon,

Regarding your query on the Walch ads, there are buses both with the 2/3 version, and also buses with the version that's only Partial sides.

Those with the 2/3 version also have the products flipped on the nearside and offside, as compared to those with Partial sides.

Do compare and note the difference for the ad details listed on Wiki for both versions, thanks. (for reference, SG5055Y SG5056U has the Partial sides version, but SG5103S has the 2/3 version instead)

As such, whatever you saw that has Walch listed but yet do not have the PS & B labels = those are the ones with the full 2/3 version.

Those with the PS & B stated are those with the Partial Sides verisons.

So in a nutshell, there's both 2/3 and Partial sides versions for this ad.

Hope this answers and clarifies your confusion thus far.

Regards, SBS9631X

Re: Peak & Off-Peak Dilemma[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

I think forwarding your concerns to the administrators would be a better option. I am not an administrator that can decide and determine the changes.

Hope this helps. Thank you.


SEDEP Citaro Deployment Changes[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

For 6571E, it has always been the 3rd bus to depart amk int in the morning for some time. Whenever I take 261 at a specific timing, it will always be 6571E. Checked the bc’s time sheet and it said duty 3A, and the block number is 261-se-403. It even does 261 AP duties on weekends. I’ve never once seen it on 138 or 24 or anything, always solid on AP 261. For months already.

Update: 6571E has been on 261 on Fri 18/9, Sat 19/9, Sun 20/9 and Mon 21/9, always after SG1105M (maybe except for PM Peak if some split shift bus is between them)

For 1146U, I think it’s quite messy too as I’ve seen it on 162 138 268, I’ll try to look out for the perm sticker

Also, any chance that SBS8786P is now AMDEP? For the past month or so it has always been on AMDEP services. Yesterday it did 45. I took it on 86 and saw it on 13 410W and 73 as well

I suspect 6893B might be now perm 269, but I can’t confirm anything yet.

Thank you!


Re: off peak/peak[edit]


It will be best if we can input the timings for the short-trips & down-routes.

I guess we should follow the timings for OPP. However these peak hour timings should also apply for weekends & PHs instead of indicating them as off-peak for the entire day.