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Re: Peak & Off-Peak Dilemma[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

I think forwarding your concerns to the administrators would be a better option. I am not an administrator that can decide and determine the changes.

Hope this helps. Thank you.


SEDEP Citaro Deployment Changes[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

Hi! Lately, I haven’t been out much, so I’m unaware of the current deployment patterns, sorry! But I have been trying to observe the missing bus slots for 262 and 269 but I have not really spotted particular slots which seem to have missing buses.

As for 265, I have not really seen the Euro 6 A22s lately but 8279L is always doing some random AP duty, usually 4A/11P (se-404) or 5A/12P (se-405), and split shifts once it a while. Always on 265 but no fixed duty.

I’m sorry but I don’t usually get to observe the Yishun services so I’m unsure about 852 deployment. But if I’m not wrong the Euro 5 A22 deployment in Yishun has been quite messy as well, many changes.

One last thing, I suspect 6576S does a crossover to 76 every weekday PM peak. It’s stated on 130 and 76 pages that one 130 SD will cross to 76, but no time stated. Could you help me keep a lookout if you could? Thank you!! Stay safe