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Re: Peak & Off-Peak Dilemma[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

I think forwarding your concerns to the administrators would be a better option. I am not an administrator that can decide and determine the changes.

Hope this helps. Thank you.


SEDEP Citaro Deployment Changes[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

1084P back to 261, 1105M running around to 24 quite often, 1150G appearing on 261 often. 1167J still running around, appeared on 138 and 133. 138 deployment very messy lately, 6586M also running around

1814A kept appearing on 268 the past week, but was on 265 today (16 Oct)

I haven’t seen 5121P 5315Y really doing 70... but I don’t really get to observe svc 70 so I don’t want to jump to conclusions

Citaro deployment on 162 is quite messy. 162-se-4xx is diesel slot by citaros, and 162-se-5xx is electric slot by K9s. Duties keep changing and the diesel slots are different from before, but there are always electric buses on diesel slot and citaros on electric slot, espeically 1145Y 1147S 1165P, I don’t think they have perm duties, either to replace K9s or for BCs not trained for K9s because of jumpbus on weekdays