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Re: Peak & Off-Peak Dilemma[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

I think forwarding your concerns to the administrators would be a better option. I am not an administrator that can decide and determine the changes.

Hope this helps. Thank you.


SEDEP Citaro Deployment Changes[edit]

Hi Lemon1974,

Hi, based on some observations, I realised that SG1108E probably has a 269A perm slot, and the other bus is likely to be 6810R/6883E/1109C/1236T, could you help me keep a lookout too? Thanks!


User: Bus74742[edit]


Thanks for highlighting this. Yes this particular user created the account today. I have imposed a warning point for this user for now. Will take the necessary actions when needed if the user continues to add false information.


268B for Evening Peak[edit]

Hi to both Lemon1974 and Jonathanchu,

Just letting you know that 268B is still detected on the bus apps. 1843 hours departing the first bus stop. Should be only 1 trip for evening now I believe. Thanks and regards.