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RE:Rail Wiki Expansion[edit]

Hi Peace&Harmony,

Here is my take of your proposal:

Info of train deployments
I am ok with the info of train deployments for TRNs if such a information is relevant to the general public. For example, if the TRN could help the general public to plan their daily commute timing (like the estimated time arrival at each station, that would be great).

Acronyms legend
Most of the features like acronyms, I believed, had a page created to it. So entering the acronyms in the search engine will redirect it to the actual pages. Unless such pages doesn't exist, please few free to create it, because some of those technologies like HHPSD, ATO, ATC etc. are pretty much useful generation knowledge to the general public, if possible do create those missing and explain it in details would be better. I believed this should be the way then just listing the acronyms without any explanation etc.

Train fleet info
In the past there is Train fleet info information just like the buses section. Eg: C151 Fleet Info, C651 Fleet Info etc. However, I had remove those and deleted those due to:

  1. Not frequently updated (Every month only 1 edits or not at all)
  2. Irrevalent
    1. The deployment are pretty much fixed. C830 solely on CCL and will not run on DTL etc. So there no point in keep track in the deployment unlike the buses section.
    2. Advertisement nowadays are rare. Random in-train panel are fixed. Some train have it some don't. In the past there is external wrap but now at most only windows ads. Windows ads are typically the LTA Graciousness Ad.

At the end of the day, my take is few free to add information that is relevant to the general public and not based on train enthusiastic viewpoint. Keeping track of deployments etc would most probably done best through the respective forums. (BTW, train enthusiastic here are not like the buses section) which result in me deciding to remove those pages all together. I had leave those page since 2012 (the decline in train enthusiastic with the launch of sgTrains) till the eventually removal in 2015-2018 or so.

Of course, if you need me to restore the fleet info pages for you to refer to to include in your database, feel free to let me know.

Thanks & Regards

Re: Status of SG5999Z[edit]

Hi Peace & Harmony,

Currently I do not have any update regarding this. Sincere apologies.

Thank you. Themystery


Hi Peace & Harmony,

SG5065T and SG5300P are Spare Buses. I've seen these 2 buses doing various services instead of a fixed service. One scenario I've came about (5300P in this case) is that it was performing 851-se-306 (Duty 5A), which is meant to served by SG5135A. SG5300P performed that particular duty as SG5135A was off for that day to receive its new advertisement. For 5065T, it has been reported on different services such as 71, 851 etc apart from the days they perform on 851e.

For the other 2 questions, I can't fulfil them for now, but I can try to identify the extra SD on 851 as I'm a regular commuter on 851. Thanks.

Plus, does SG5305B performs on 807 in a regular basis on Fridays, Weekends & PHs, as I've came about reports of it on other services as well such as 70, 71 etc. Having said that 807 has 1 extra DD.

SMRT redeployments[edit]

Hi with regards to redeployments SMB166R is assigned to Wldep 187 (WLD interchange last bus) and it seems that 142J-144D is a 187 perm than 178, 148T is missing. The rest should be ok.

Failure of users to synchronise relevant pages[edit]

Hi Peace & Harmony,

Regarding this topic, I've noticed quite a fair bit of users editing a single page and leaving other relevant pages unsynchronised. I've observed that you have been regularly editing other relevant pages that are left unsynchronised by those users. In the case that they only edit one page when they should be editing 3 or 4, I think it is advisable that you undo those pages (even if the information edited is true) for failure to synchronise and wait for any other reliable user to confirm and fully synchronise the pages. Please do not trouble yourself to do edits that other users should be doing. Just a simple word of advice. :)

Cheers, TIB832Z

Bus Deployment (Woodlands Feeders)[edit]

Hi Peace & Harmony,

I would sincerely wished if you had any intel/spotting to update the Woodlands Feeders. It's seems like there is a fair bit of reshuffling lately and no new updates.

Based on my spottings/observation, I would likely suspect the Woodlands Feeders interline with each other. I believed that 1 or 2 S2 S900/900A bus (MAN NG363F to be exact) would ply morning trips as S900/900A, with the evening trip as S903 & S913 (1-2 trips before peak hours on 903, and the rest of the trip on 913).

Secondly, it's seems that Citaro had began cameoing/appearing on S904 (which was mainly MAN buses). Crossover buses from other basic service for Woodlands Feeder are now mainly rare, with most of the crossover are now based on other feeder services (with the exception of Service 964).

Thirdly, I had feeling as the fleet for Service 913 and 964 seems to interchangeable each other (especially the MAN ND323F). The last bus I took on Service 964 on weekdays was not mark as the last trip of the day (strangely) on the timetable1 which also coincide with better frequency on Service 913 (East Loop as 913T) when Service 964 was not in operation.

I had not been tracking the rego but based on driver/fleet type and hence come into conclusion that the data on this page may be highly outdated.

Also been noticing that SMRT fleet/service pages had not been regularly update for Woodlands based service as compared to the rest which seems odd.

Thanks & Regards

P.s. I may see wrongly/glazed wrongly for the timetable, there is an indication of last bus for Service 964, but the box of indication was in white background instead of the blue/pink background.