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Service 27

Hi, 1) For Service 115 - there's actually 3 buses. But more like 2 full-day & 1 extra during Peak Hours (= 3 buses). Because if you actually track each trip on the timetable, during AM Peak if there's only 2 buses, so means 1st 3rd 5th timing from 1st stop Kovan Hub = 1 bus, and 2nd 4th 6th timing = the other 2nd perm,

The 0757hrs bus that dep Kovan Hub needs to reach back Kovan Hub after 1 full-trip by 0822hrs. But yet the 6th timing on schedule from Kovan Hub (which I said in the line earlier, we assume it's the 2nd perm if there's only 2 buses in the fleet), departs at 0823hrs.

I think it's quite impossible for SBST to deploy any BC and make him have only a 1-min break (which is more like 15secs by the time all the pax alight & empty from previous trip). There's a few other of such timings throughout the day during the Peak Hours, so logically it means that during Peak Hours, at the very least there is 3 buses definitely. But beyond Peak Hours, there's only 2

2) Then going back to (1), 6802P is still HG 115 all along. Guess some of us miscalculated the intervals earlier in the year & thought that bus was out (when it was still perm 115 all along). 6870S on the other hand should be for HG 27 (that means it joins 6726B but 113's fleet numbers don't tally)

3) HG is indeed covering some of the gaps on Sv 27 with their existing SP buses. So for stuffs like 6616K 6706J (which are SPs by right), KIV them first

Regards, SBS9631X

Hi SBS3720L,

The purpose of moving the A95 pages into different batches is to reduce/better editing with fewer buses.

I had also taken into consideration of how pages links, and relink most pages accordingly, to the point that one could easily find the new link at Bus Deployments.

With that in place, I had already ensured that it can be traced and guided to unless you are using other linkage that you are using.

If you are refering to revision history, please note that excessive history will be cleared regularly.

Please take not that you are liable for a ban due to Creating unneccessary/redundant page. Please feel free to use my talk page for any clarification.


Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 21 Sept 2017 0639 SGT

September 2017

Hi SBS3720L,

The recent edits you have made today has some matters that I need to take concern which is not updating the Buses in depots section of Scania K230UB (Batch 2 Euro IV) and Former Deployments of Scania K230UB (Batch 2 Euro IV). Please remind yourself in the future to do so.


SBS3107Htalk 18:15, 25 September 2017 (+08)

Hi SBS3107H, i totally forgot about that while editing. Its been a busy day today due to the mass re-deployment of buses between hougang and amk(25 sep 2017). For some i didnt edit because it was subjected to be confirmed as first day cant seem to confirm everything. But for confirmed ones, that slipped out of my mind. (New to the talk feature so idk how to use it.)

Google Search Result


Now with the clarification, I understand your feeling when Google Search went completely out. You may wish to feedback to Google directly. However, as with page transfering/distribution, some link from Google will remain broke till up to 1 months as the Bot from Google need to crawl and collect the correct link information and data.

This is beyond our point of control. Please channel your feedback to Google directly.


Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 26 September 2017 0632 SGT

Disruptive Editing Warning: Bukit Batok Feeders


Just to let you know you may face disruptive warning by removing Service 941, 945 and 977 from Bukit Batok Feeders as the page is co-shared between SMRT and Tower Transit.

Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 9 November 2017 0936 SGT