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Ah Beng is a cultural stereotype applied to a class of young men in the Southeast Asia region, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, and some parts of Indonesia. The term stereotypically connotes coarse and materialistic youth of Chinese ethnicity who dabble in criminal activity. More specifically, Ah Beng is an epithet for flashy gangster wannabes who do not have much education.


Ah Bengs are stereotypically Chinese males in their mid-teens to mid-30s, seen hanging out in groups and typically speaking in local slang, which is Chinese dialect (predominantly Hokkien) mixed with English and Malay, otherwise known as Singlish. Their English language fluency is limited to simple English words with incorrect grammar and spelling. Ah Bengs are said to be fond of using curse words in daily speech.

Ah Beng fashion is split into several stereotypes based on a mix of Western and pan-Asian influences. The predominant stereotype perceives Ah Bengs as having a penchant for tight, flamboyant and colourful clothing.

Ah Bengs tend to congregate in the busier districts of the heartlands, such as shopping centres.

Typical Ah Beng jobs include sales and most blue collar work.

The stereotypical Ah Beng car is the Subaru Impreza, though other cars popular within the group include the Honda Civic, the Honda Fit, the Mitsubishi Lancer, and the Suzuki Swift.

Because of their mannerisms, Ah Bengs are perceived as being of a working-class background.

Famous Ah Bengs[edit]