Blood Ties (movie)

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Blood Ties is a 2009 Singaporean horror movie directed by Chai Yee Wei.


The movie uses flashbacks to slowly reveal the key details of the plot. The story here is told sequentially.

Inspector Woon and his subordinate Shen are secretly involved in corrupt dealings with Chen and his gang. Undercover policeman Ken unwittingly blows his cover when he meets Shun, a colleague, to pass him incriminating material. Chen has Ken killed, and he brutally murders Shun and his wife Mei in an attempt to get the material. Woon attempts to frame Shun as the corrupt policeman.

A week after his death, Shun possesses the body of younger sister Qing, to take revenge. Shun butchers Chen and his lackeys before confessing his deeds to Shen, and with his help, Inspector Woon is lured to the graveyard. Shun wants Woon's blood spilled on his grave so he can reincarnate. Shen is caught out and commits suicide. Woon is arrested for corruption.


  • Joey Leong as Qing
  • Cheng Pei-pei as Madam Lee
  • Kenneth Tsang as Woon
  • David Leong as Shun
  • Vincent Tee Soh Poh as Shen
  • Gary Yuen as Toh
  • Maggie Tan as Mei
  • Jimmy Low Hoong Yee as Chen
  • Lawrence Lee Kwok Toong as Liang
  • Yap Hei Long as Tang
  • Heng Goh Soon as pimp
  • Dick Su as Inspector