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Montfort Secondary School is a Roman Catholic all-boys secondary school in Singapore, founded in 1916. Originally named Holy Innocents' English School, it was renamed to its current one in 1959 in honour of the Founder of the Brothers of Christian Instruction of St Gabriel, St Louis Marie Grignion De Montfort. Boys in this school proudly call themselves "Montfortians" and sons of Montfort.

Its motto, Age Quod Agis, means "Do well in whatever you do". Montfort celebrated its 90th Anniversary in 2006 with a 90 km run to its former location and a thanksgiving mass conducted by the Archbishop of Singapore, Nicholas Chia, who happens to be an old boy of Holy Innocents' English School (later renamed Montfort School) at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is the church that has been beside the old location of the school all along, and a dinner held at the school. The school has a high Catholic population and it has produced numerous Catholic priests, including archbishop of Singapore, Nicholas Chia, over the past years.

Montfort Secondary School is affiliated with Catholic Junior College.

The school creed[edit]

The school song
 Musical Score by Mr. Chua Song Khoon
 Lyrics by Mr. Teo Kah Leng

Verse 1:

All ye sons of Montfort School,
ever grateful be and true.
To your Alma Mater dear,
for her loving care of you.
Keep your filial piety,
burning bright your whole life through.
Ever jealous of her name,
ever mindful of her claim.


Hark! Her bugle sounds aloud,
rise her sons, and play your part,
With a song upon your lips,
and a courage in your heart.
See! Her banner in the breeze,
freely flutters high and smart!
Feel in you a surging pride,
when your Mater's colours ride.

Verse 2:

All ye sons of Montfort School,
onward, steadfastly advance.
Higher, nearer to your star,
never casting back a glance.
Forge ahead, relentlessly,
trusting naught to happy chance.
Onward, onward valiantly,
onward press with destiny.

Verse 3:

All ye sons of Montfort School,
takes whatever comes your way.
Every blessing with a smile,
every woe without dismay.
All undaunted by the odds,
you may counter in life’s fray.
Boldly march in spirit high,
nobly live, and nobly die.

Prayer to St. Louis Marie de Montfort

Dear St Louis Marie de Montfort, grant me the grace to be a true Montfortian, faithful in my duties at all times, striving always for the highest standard in behaviour, sports and academic performance.

Give me the love to be a caring person, helpful to all, especially to the poor, the weak and the disadvantaged.

Imbue me with the courage to face and overcome all difficulties and hardship, and the wisdom to tell right from wrong.

Sustain me in all my endeavours that I may uphold the school motto, Age Quod Agis, and be always true and loyal to my Alma Mater and my country.

School crest[edit]

AM - AVE MARIA (HAIL MARY) The Founder of the Order of the Brothers of St. Gabriel, St Louis Mary Grignon De Montfort, had special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Brothers have kept up with that devotion and hence honour her by having AM on the crest......

PLANT - A lily. It's the symbol of purity.

TORCH - Light. It symbolises knowledge.

STAR OF THE SEA - MARIS STELLA Star of the Sea is another title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It's the guiding star.

MAN IN BOAT - It represents each one of us.

WAVES - Life's trials and tribulations.

DS - DIEUS SEUL; French for God alone.

CROSS - God.

AGE QUOD AGIS - The School's Motto: Do well in whatever you do.


Montfort School was initially set up as Holy Innocents’ English School. It was first set up in 1916 by the parish priest, Father H. Duvelle next to Nativity church at Upper Serangoon Road. At the request of the Inspector of Schools, he organized an English class on the top floor of the two-storey building between the church and the school canteen. The teacher was Mr Lee Ah Kow. The class lasted for three years.

In March 1920, Father E. Becheras, the new parish priest restarted the school with a class of some 30 pupils under the charge of a Mr Monterio. In the following year another class was added.

In 1922, Mr P A D’Costa was recruited as teacher and administrator. From 1922 to 1936 he was a tower of strength to the school and a source of inspiration to both pupils and staff.

The school grew from strength to strength. A new class was added each year and additional teachers recruited.

The increased intake of students necessitated the need to expand the school premises. A block of 5 classrooms along Upper Serangooon Road was completed in 1927. In 1929 three additional classrooms along Holy Innocents Lane were added. Yet in 1932 another floor was added to the second block.

1936 marked the beginning of a new era when the management of the school was placed in the hands of the Brothers of St Gabriel, Rev. Bro. Gerard Majella came from Bangkok to become the first Brother Director of the school.

Brother Adolphus and Brother John de Breboeuf came in December 1936. 1936 was also the first year when the school produced its School Certificate class.

It was Bro. Gerard Majella who was responsible for the smooth charge over in the school management. In 1938, he was succeeded by Bro. Louis Gonzaga.

The Japanese occupation of Singapore interrupted the work of the school. Immediately after the war, Bro. Louis Gonzaga worked tiredlessly to reorganize and rehabilitate the school. He extended the block along Upper Serangoon Road by adding another floor to it.

The new extension was opened by His Highness the Sultan of Johore.

In 1949, Bro. Louis Gonzaga also started the afternoon school - the Holy Innocents’ Afternoon School - under the charge of Bro. Basil.

In 1955 Rev. Bro. Noel. became the Director of the Holy Innocents’ and he set up a committee on 3 April 1955 to raise funds to further extend the school. Within three years the extension was completed.

In 1959 Holy Innocents’ English School was renamed Montfort School in honour of the Founder, St Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, of the Gabrielite Brothers.

In the late 1980s, a decision was made to relocate Montfort Junior and Secondary Schools so as to make them comparable to the newer Government Schools. A Building Fund Committee was formed to raise the necessary funds to finance the building project, the cost of which amounted to $24 million. Capital grant from the Government was 18.5 million, therefore the schools had to raise $5.5 million.

Piling began in August 1989 at the new site at Hougang Avenue 8, immediately after a ground breaking ceremony on 12 August 1989 which was officiated by His Grace, Mgr Gregory Yong D.D. The main building works of the two schools started in March 1990 and took about 21 months to complete.

On 2 January, 1992, the two schools, Montfort Junior and Montfort Secondary, started functioning at their new premises.

In 1997, the school underwent its first R & R (Repairs and Redecoration).


Valour@Montfort, an E-Gaming centre fully equipped with iMac computers was built on the campus ground itself. With the numerous potted plants and natural sunlight, the gaming centre provides a comfortable environment for the students to play in. Eye massagers are provided for the students to rest their eyes after gaming. It was officially opened on 13 July 2007, making it the second school in Singapore facilitated with a gaming centre, after Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

The school hall has seating galleries on the third level and is also air-conditioned, which was sponsored by one of the old boys of the school.

Air-conditioned classrooms occupies the fourth level, half of the third level classrooms, and some of the second level classrooms, giving the students a comfortable and cool environment to study and work in. It will be switched on from 12 noon onwards to save the cost of electricity.

Water dispensers are placed in all the classrooms to provide cool drinking water for teachers and students without the hassle of having to travel to the water coolers for a drink. However, it was removed in 2009.

A large competition standard sports hall was added on to the school in early 2009. Completed with seating galleries, the three-tiered sports hall housed badminton courts, basketball courts and tennis courts.

The school has a cafeteria set up near the general office of the school, which is known as "Cafe De Mont".

Uniqueness of the School[edit]

In Montfort secondary school, classes start at 8.00am. Classes used to start at 8.30am.

Common tests are also suspended from the school following a new system of teaching introduced to the school.

With handphones being allowed in the school, students really have nothing to complain at all except the strict hair checks. The school have 2 types of uniform, the proper school uniform and an alternative uniform.

E-Gaming has been introduced into the school as well.the school's badminton team has done extremely well and has done the school proud for winning the badminton championships for the past five years, making Montfort Secondary School to be the top badminton specialized and niche school in Singapore.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Lim Boon Heng (Minister in the Prime Minister's Office)
  • Dr Lee Boon Yang (Minister for Communications, Information and the Arts)
  • Nicholas Chia (Archbishop Emeritus of Singapore)
  • William Goh (Archbishop of Singapore)
  • Suhaimi Yusof (Actor)