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Sorry, Teacher is a 2005 telefilm, directed by Lin Wenhui and distributed by InnoForm Media.


Set in a neighbourhood primary school in Singapore, the movie revolves around 6F, the worst class in the school. Mr Zhang, their form teacher, is particularly nasty towards his students, especially Huang Shaohua, Ma Weihan, and Ye Zhengxiong

Ms Chen, the form teacher of 6A, is well-loved by students for her caring disposition and knowledge. After a deal with Mr Zhang, she is assigned as the form teacher of 6F.

Ms. Chen is suffering from brain cancer unknown to the rest. Against medical advice, she decides to delay her surgery till the end of the year so she can continue helping 6F to do their best in the PSLE.

Ms Chen catches Zhengxiong in the act of stealing from a video game shop. He bruises himself by accident when he attempts to escape from her unsuccessfully. After being publicly caned, Zhengxiong seeks revenge by falsely accusing Ms Chen of beating him. Ms Chen is suspended by MOE pending further investigation.

Ms. Chen, in an act of self-sacrifice, pushes Zhengxiong and Shaohua away from the path of an oncoming van and is knocked down herself. She falls into a coma, and because of her pre-existing cancer, unfortunately passes away.


  • Chen Liping as Ms Chen Wanzhen
  • Asher Su as Mr Zhang
  • Low Soo Kiang (credited as Liu Yongqiang) as Principal Liang
  • Fraser Tiong as Ye Zhengxiong
  • Wauren Beh as Huang Shaohua
  • Teh Kaixin as Wang Xiao Fang
  • Lawrence Lee Kwok Toong as Mr Ye