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Re: Svc 162 perms[edit]

Hi, Based on my observations, 162se413 is done by SBS6892D usually. SG1157M and SG1164S are technically not permanent buses for 162 despite the sticker, however it is reserved for Service 162 in the event of bus failure, which was a contingency measure introduced to cover for the BYD K9s.

For SG1101Z, it is permanent on 162se474, which does 2 trips of 70B in the mornings before running a full PM shift on Service 162/M, which is not to be mistaken for the crossover slot done in the evening. On Fridays, there is no crossover to 70B, and thus SG1101Z runs on 162se419 instead (162M 1st bus from YCK in the evening). Perhaps, the Svc 70 sticker is used to denote that the bus is permanent on Svc70B, as the bus is driven by a Svc70 BC on a Svc70 Duty, before jumping to Svc 162 Duty 26P. (In a similar fashion to Svc 851e perms being the Euro 6s in the system despite them being permanent on other service like 70 and 71). When I was updating the duty allocation for Svc 162 based on some official sources, 162se474 was accounted as part of the 20 buses for 162, thus I have placed it under Service 162 as a permanent bus.

For SBS6591Y, it is still under observation as it is supposed to be permanent on 162se461, which does 1 trip of 162 at 0550, 1 trip of 70 at 0803, and subsequently 2 downroutes in the evening from Serangoon Stn on Svc 70. However, the bus has been switching slots with several other buses internally, such as with SBS6004B on Tuesday, SBS2001K on Wednesday, and SG1240E today. I will continue to observe this slot wherever possible.

Hope this helps to clarify your doubts!

UPD sticker[edit]

Hi there, do note that on updep Svcs, both depots will bear upd sticker. Eg sv5 bndep and updep side. White upd sticker. On sv10 for example which is not in Bukit Merah package but Parks in upd, bus will receive blue upd sticker. They are parked separately from white upd sticker buses.

It does not necessarily be the bus had transfer unless it does other updep Svc. Thanks and regards.