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Please do not remove this talk page without my permission.[edit]

I would wish to clarify that nothing is to be removed from my personal talk page, including the page itself by others without my permission. It is a wrongdoing as such as shown on [1]. If anyone is shown doing such things again I will have to deal with it according to guidelines.

Thank you.

Do not remove rego ranges where it exists[edit]

Hi ASA1234,

It would be appreciated if you do not remove the rego ranges for the pages. These are there to provide a quick reference for the users, and also as a standardization across all companies.

--Scania 17:10, 3 September 2016 (SGT)

Saw your reply on my talk page, I still don't think that is a great idea as editors and users alike are already used to the rego ranges. Also, keep it separate from the company names as it will be untidy to put brackets in the company headings (the rego range sub-headings were there for this)

--Scania 19:38, 3 September 2016 (SGT)

Re: 4 years' lifespan extension for certain Volvo B10M Mark IIs?[edit]


Thank you for letting me know about this matter. I have unlocked the requested page (Volvo B10M Mark II). Do update me when done!