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About Service 961, TIB1051D has explained where "481C is still perm 961-10 as classed under driver duty roster. Respective split shift buses and crossovers pending confirmation." So why you undo it even though he justified his edit and you didn't placed any reasons on edit summary?

Two regarding Service 985, from SGF user SMB42P, "This i cant really confirm. It (SMB129Z) seem to be always on 143G slot (ap10) whenever i see it. while 143G seem to be missing." So with reference to that, how come SMB129Z perms Service 985? Which, where and what sources did you get from?

Answer these questions, thank you. SBS3107H (talk) 12:31, 10 December 2013 (SGT)

So you are saying TIB1051D is talking rubbish? ... SBS3107H (talk) 13:03, 10 December 2013 (SGT)
With that, I will rest the matter for now. SBS3107H (talk) 13:32, 10 December 2013 (SGT)

Clarifications - SV 961

Hi, just to provide some clarifications about the current deployments of this service.

I don't see a point of arguing over deployments. For there is always a clear line of difference between what is planned to be done (rostered / scheduled permanent buses), versus the actual situation (actual deployment of buses). These 2 are controlled by two different parties, one side being the scheduler, and the other being the starter of the depot or ONP venue.

I have been aware of SMB1343P's consistency on SV 961, I'm seeing it regularly. However, what goes inside the scheduled list in the roster is TIB481C, which as of today, is still valid.

I have my reason for editing SMB1343P out of the list, and TIB481C back into the list. Unless it can be verified on paper that SMB1343P is indeed in SV 961, through roster, through waybill or whatever means which is in black and white, otherwise it will not hold valid.

Please feel free to pose me questions onboard SgForums (ID: TIB1051D) or onboard Facebook (Christopher Thian). Thank you!

Buses deregistration

You may or may not know/noticed there is sgWiki Guidelines to follow for all users since its establishment in June 2014. Plus for SBS2693M, you forgot to change the buses quantity under Other informations. Plus keep in mind in the future. SBS3107H (talk) 23:29, 11 August 2014 (SGT)

Confirmation of buses for Mandai services

Hi Arthur,

883 does not have full day SDs, full DD fleet on off peak hours, so for SMB353S it is weird to have been given AP shift, Also SG5986K and SG6006H have not operated on 883 for the past 3 months.

Could you also check if any Citaros perm 859 as 2 to 3 have been observed to operate daily, replacing permanent hybrid slots, as well has confirm the 859AP12/13/14 [859A] and 859AP15/16/17 [859B] weekend deployments?


1) there has been sightings of 883 sds on late night weekday off peak hours, would advice to kiv slot if possible. Acc to roster 883 is not 100% dd fleet on weekdays 2) 5986 6006 were in 883 roster. Prob park wlbp side these days, would check the dd fleet again 3) 859 citaros appear on random basis when b5lh go on maintenance/trg. No fixed slot despite being an everyday sight

There's two SDs rostered to 883 on weekdays. One under PM shift, the other on S1 shift. Most of the 859 citaro deployments are also break down replacements.


Noted. I had changes protection of the mention page to section-based protection from the trial to reduce the impact of full-page locked to editors who exercise good editing habits.