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Former deployments[edit]


I have noticed that you have made an effort to add in the specific time period for some former deployments.

Just a reminder: Majority of the edits made on that specific date may not be the actual redeployment date as they were edited after weeks/months of fleet observation. Adding in the specific year would be better, except for year-end redeployments.

Hope you can take note of that.


Add on: SMB230M[edit]

I have seen SMB230M on Sv184 on 24th August.

Do you spot Sv184 fleet regularly? Sv184 seemed to have a number of B9TL perms: 5423T, 5453G etc.


I usually spot during sch holidays and weekends. Am unable to find certain buses on 184 during weekends and public holidays but am unsure whether they are redeployed or not (Eg. 1533H)