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Warning Point (6 September 2021)
You have committed the follow offense that may warrant an immediate ban: Adding false information

Reply: User: Litlah[edit]


Thanks for writing in.

I have reorganised the templates specially for the non-revenue bus section:

  • Buses awaiting de-registration
Existing Template:Awaiting de-registration renamed to Template:AWBDR (Awaiting Bus De-Registration)
You may use this template to indicate buses which are scrapped & still awaiting de-registration
  • Buses that are ONLY de-registered
New Template:BDR (Bus De-Registered)
You may use this template to indicate de-registered buses which are not scrapped
  • Buses that are de-registered & scrapped
Existing Template:Scrapped renamed to Template:BDRS (Bus De-Registered & Scrapped)
You may use this template to indicate de-registered buses which are scrapped

I have also updated the Non-Revenue Buses section of the Guidebook as well.

Do inform me if there's anything else that can be improved on & hope this resolves the conflict between you and user 'Litlah'.

MAN NL323F B3[edit]

Hi Razerboii,

I noticed that you have added SG1747K & SG1748H into LTA Storage. Are these buses permanently assigned to Go Ahead or the buses are just stored in LYDEP?


Regards, Antarcticite

SG5605K & SG6268T[edit]

Hi Razerboii,

Noted these 2 buses have been performing lately on 25 after CDGE retirement. Could you help me to ensure if they continue to appear on 25? You can revert if they are no longer seen.