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Hi all, if there is any comments you would like to give on the edits I made, please feel free to do so.

possible error[edit]

hi, possible error on SMRT Second Generation - White: Services 980 - 990#Service 983 , service guide under (September 2015 (EL/CL)) looks similar to (September 2016 (EL/CL))

  • Different version, just normal reprints

change to template[edit]

Hi SBS600U,

Am writing this to inform you that I am changing the gallery of service guides into template form. For more info on how to use it, do visit my user page for more info.

Secondly, i think that Template:Trans Island Bus Services should be abbreviated to TIBS as the purpose for putting a template is to reduce page size.



I had revert your edit as you had applied the wrong naming convention for sgWiki Buses.

Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 26 November 2017 12:44 SGT

Nite owl pocket service guides[edit]

Hi, Where and when did you get the pocket guides for the nite owl services?

  • From Nite Owl Buses

960/960e October 2018 Chinese version[edit]


There is an October 2018 chinese version of 960/960e. Might not be out as it is quite outdated, but you might want to check for yourself at Woodlands.

If you are a member of this group, here is proof for you.

Thank you, Aaron

  • The link you shared is 963/e Oct 2018 (CL), rather than the above mentioned 960/e Oct 2018 (CL).

403 June 2018 available in hardcopy?[edit]


Is it available in hardcopy? Regarding this update, soft copy updates are not counted.

Thanks, Aaron

- Available at Pasir Ris Interchange.

Re: Spares for 850E 14 Oct 2018[edit]


Yes I have a few copies, together with the 128 13 Jan 2019 if you need it too.


Rail Guides[edit]


First of all, thank you for your effort in those.

However, sadly to say, sgWiki Rails is not sgWiki Buses and such scan brochure are not encourage to be posted onto sgWiki Rails.

Thanks & Regards


may i know where u got the tibs bus service guides? there are some missing

Spare bus guides[edit]

Hi, may i ask where can i get the following pocket bus service guides City Directs 654, 660, 671, 672 & Nite Owls 2020 version : 74, 117, 161 & 185 Thanks..

Went to Tampines, Hougang Central, Punggol Temporary, Sengkang Bus interchanges, Buona Vista & Marina Centre Terminals however they said don't have and don't where to find it.. 😢

So need to ask if anyone has extra to spare or can sell to me?

Thanks a million.. Jensen

Mistake in uploading of guides[edit]


I've noticed that there is a mistake in the GAS: Changi Airport/Village section, where both September 2016 versions are supposedly the same. Can u fix that pls?

Thanks, Aaron

  • Rectified Thanks.