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Hi SBS7777Y. Based on your edits on the Volvo B10BLE page, you have not complied with the guidelines pertaining to editing of pages in sgWiki.
As stated in the SgWiki:Guidelines page:

1.1. Should there is a change in any deployment pages due to redeployment, users making the change must update the deployments by service, former deployments, buses in depots and spare buses pages (if any).
1.2. When updating retired or retiring buses (such as lay up and de-registering of buses), users will also have to update the deployment pages, deployments by service, former deployments, the buses in depots, non-revenue buses and the spare buses (if any). The deployment page should not contain "Lay Up", "Awaiting Deregistration" or "De-registered".
1.4. When updating de-registered buses, they are to be updated after 2359 hours of the actual de-registration date of the bus. They are not allowed to be updated before the timing as the list will be reverted back if it is updated too early or before the stipulated time. For buses that are awaiting de-registration prior to de-registration, only reflect the status as "Awaiting de-registration" when there's confirmation based on the physical evidence.

Please really relook at the guidelines before editing any pages in SgWiki. Thank you.

March 2015[edit]

4. When updating bus advertisements, full naming of the advertisement must be identified before posting up. Do note that every first letter of the word is always capitalised. E.g. "Pepsi Live For Now". Advertisement stated must be same when there are more than one bus having the same advertisement. If there are no advertisement on the bus, "N/A" must be reflected instead of a blank on the "Advertisements" column.

PS: Please do not avoid this notice.

SBS3107Htalk 12:47, 1 March 2015 (SGT)