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August 2015[edit]

"1.4. When updating de-registered buses, they are to be updated after 2359 hours of the actual de-registration date of the bus. They are not allowed to be updated before the timing as the list will be reverted back if it is updated too early or before the stipulated time. For buses that are awaiting de-registration prior to de-registration, only reflect the status as "Awaiting de-registration" when there's confirmation based on the physical evidence."


Searching of past deployment are available through past deployment of bus model. I can assure you it is much faster this way than to manually retrieve past deployment of a single service by going through the 3000+ history for it.

Re:Updating at Midnight for bus service 976[edit]


I found no issue in updating the history page for bus service 976 at midnight as there is no operation beyond midnight. For the case of bus service BPS1 updating at midnight, there is no operation at beyond midnight either.

To better illustrate, the final trip for BPS1 ends at approx 2000 hours on 8 November. Updating the history on 10 November (official withdrawn date) at midnight poses no problem. The maiden trip for 976 starts at 0530 hours on 10 November. Updating the history on 10 November (official introduction date) at midnight poses no problem.

Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 10 November 2019 09:34 SGT


Thanks for the heads up. Cheers.

Re: snow effects[edit]


I'm unsure about that. I can help ask Supernutorcrazy on your behalf.

Re: Snow Effect[edit]


I apologise for the season greeting causing your computer to lag. I had revised the season greeting effect to only appear for 10 minutes every hour from XX00 hours to XX10 hours to spread the festive of joy. Any editors who would have ideas to design/improve more festive greeting could approach the administrator.

Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 11 November 2019 17:01 SGT

Re: Holiday 1[edit]


Thanks for correcting me.

Is this note correct?

  • SBS8186X (Express 14e) will perform on Service 14 on Weekdays under School Holidays 1 schedule.


Re: SBS8810C[edit]

Hi SBS8478D,

I understand your concerns about SBS8810C and I fully understand what you mean. However, I believe that CT18 only has 4 perm buses. While SBS8810C does CT18 often as you have said, I am thinking that those are only crossover trips.

For example of another case that I have noticed for CT8, SBS6093T performs Services 53 and 53A in the morning, before performing Chinatown Direct CT8 for the whole afternoon. It is then never seen on Service 53 ever again. Despite that, it is still classified as a Service 53 perm bus even though it runs on Chinatown Direct CT8 for more than half the time.

So if you apply this scenario inside, it solves the case of Feeder 222's missing bus, still does Short-Trip 222B crossovers, and crossovers on Chinatown Direct CT18 for most of the day. Furthermore, I referred to SBS8810C's deployment records and it has shown to be perming Feeder 222 instead.

Hope you understand. Thank you. Themystery