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Warning Point (28 January 2022)
You have committed the follow offense that may warrant an immediate ban: Disruptive editing

Reply: Editing of deployments[edit]


I observed that whenever you edit deployments you never synchronise other relevant pages, which I’m referring to as Former Deployments. Hence I reverted your edit. Next time if you don’t want your edit to be reverted don’t forget to edit former deployments

Reply: Editing of deployments for the incoming SMB-Plated citaros and outgoing buses[edit]


You may want to ask Wekelwrady instead as he was the one who updated the WLDEP citaro deployments.

Also, would appreciate it if you can enquire on my talk page in the future, thanks.

Hi sorry how do I enquire I don't use SGwiki often regards

Add on[edit]


I would recommend you to read up on this Wikipedia page to see the differences between a user page & a user talk page under the 'Terminology and page locations' section. This might enlighten you on why I have requested you to enquire on my talk page.

Thanks for writing in though.

SMB-plated Citaros[edit]

Hi, these edits of perms are prior to the new wave of Citaros involving SMB140P and SMB152P. After that new wave came, there were indeed a few changes to some deployments when I observed on Monday involving the first and second waves, which I have noted down (139U 187, 146Z 178A, 150K 178 etc). However, I have not been touching/editing the deployments now and waiting till all 50 SMB plated Citaros are transferred, rest assured.

I have clearly stated in my Service 178 edits to keep in view of more fleet changes to come, which means there will be further updating with more confirmed deployments. The edits of Service 178 and 187 are just a few markings of where most SMB plated Citaros are deployed after the first 2 waves of Citaro transfers. You are free to correct anything if you want to.

Reply: SMB319S[edit]


The bus was frequently seen on 178 since the citaros got transferred over to WLDEP. You may go ahead & revert if you think my observation doesn’t match.