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Service 854 using OC500LEs in the fleet

Hi this edit is to answer regarding the OC500LE spam in Service 854's fleet. I don't fault your enquiry cuz I'm sure many sgwiki admins also share the same sentiments with regards how Mandai deploys their buses.

The rostering on 854s single deck duties have apparently reflected these OC500LEs as 854 perms indeed and the adverts do go to those buses in fact most likely. However, I also understand from your point of view (cuz I see everyday myself too_ that SMB Citaros & MAN A22s were deployed on those single deck slots in reality while those OC500LEs do 167 853 980 wayyy more often and 854 OC500LEs are apparently very minimal and not even the listed perms at all. For now I can only reflect based on what is in the roster. The only way I could try to account for the less spare buses than 100+ in sgwiki apparently is to find out how they are assigned in roster, and also account for the number of single decker buses in 854's fleet despite not being OC500LEs in reality.

While this being said, there is also no way to track 854's perm Citaro fleet by spottings because the duties will change every single day, just like how the 855 Citaros reflected in sgwiki don't stick to their same service or same duty in fact, they are all based on rostering. Of cuz, the advert A22s from WPDEP side would follow the rostering a little more strictly while most other double decks too don't follow the roster too.




As what I point out to Arthurjie about the Warning Point that was previously issued, is due to the fact that despite knowing it differs, there is no footnote/other information being stated that it is differ and hence classified as a fake information to the general public.

Regarding your suggestions:

  • 1) Making a separate page for Mandai Services only, allocating the actual roster deployments apart from the deployments in reality. This was doable, but it created another problem for editors as there are now 2 service pages to keep track and update which may be confusing as why some was listed as Service X and the other page was listed as Service Y.
  • 2) Relocate all Mandai allocated buses back to "AMDEP SP". This was the original plan but like what Arthurjie had mention, it become too big for the amount of sparebus in a given depot.
  • 3) Open a vote to all sgwiki admins / users to decide if Mandai deployments should be based on AMDEP( Like an election basically. ) AMDEP or not is not a concern here in my opinion.
  • 4) Have a discussion before deeming the bus as a permanent. (For example, SG5879L has been performing on 965 regularly but in the roster it is actually on 857. Keep the bus on hold until SG5879L has been observed appearing a certain amount of times on 965 and then verifying that it no longer appears on 857 on the following day.) This is what it is currently done (aka normal practice). For example, if SG5879L had been performing on 965 regularly (not appearing on 857) but in the roster it is on 857, the deployment page for 857 should not have SG5879L while the deployment page for 965 should have SG5879L.

Furthermore, by displaying the information on roster have its problem - it actually make wikipedia as a personal information page as the number of editor able to edit significantly reduced. i.e. if roster was to be display for Mandai service, then only Arthurjie is allowed to edit. That's break the purpose of a wiki.

Thanks & Regards



Thanks for your feedback. Regarding your suggestions:

  • 3) Open a vote to all sgwiki admins / users to decide if Mandai deployments should be based on roster vs reality ( Like an election basically. ) This was basically not applicable as it involved more on the guideline and rules and had to be made carefully to strike a balance. Unlike the elections where we conducts for Mercedes-Benz Citaro (Batch SMRT or merge) is due to standardization of naming convention and not on the editor guideline.
  • 5) Open another block to differentiate reality vs roster instead of creating a new page. A new notation can also be introduced to indicate a roster to reality basis. (Eg . SG5879L AMDEP 857///965) Or any other notations deemed fit. As per what I had mention, a new notation can caused confusion to general public. Furthermore, by displaying roster information, only Arthurjie is allowed to edit. That's break the purpose of a wiki.

Thanks & Regards

Re: SG1854J

Hi SimonLim88,

I have understood your concerns regarding the above mentioned bus. While I have also personally noticed that it has been performing Feeder 372 in recent days, I would like to reassure you that this deployment is temporary and is likely due to COVID-19, where the E6 A22s act as spare buses, since its perm service, City Direct 654 is suspended.

So as a matter of fact, deployment changes during this period may not be a representation of an actual deployment change. Unless it continues to be seen deployed this way post COVID-19, it would be better to leave the deployments as they are, since they appear to be acting as "temporary perms" and not actual deployments in the databases etc.

Hope that helps you. Thank you for your clarification.




Please be reminded that you should not add any information that you are unsure of.

  • 2 edits for deployment of SG1854J on 372 [1] [2]
Don't know how SBST deploys their buses but I have noticed it performing on 372 when I was heading to Yishun to observe 854 fleet. Idk if crossovers exist in SBST. (Update : 1815 Depart SK int)
  • 1 edit for unregistered batch 1 citaro buses [3]
Those 2 were missing from the Batch 1 Page. If someone can fill the svc please do. Missing from OM so I presume it's scrapped?