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Re: Service 91 scheduling[edit]


I would like to clarify that Service 74 crossover buses to Service 91 should NOT have their duties assumed under Service 91. They are considered as under Service 74. Service 91 still operates 3 buses (not including crossover buses from Service 74), namely SBS6200B, SBS6807B and SBS6808Z.

Hope this helps to clear things up.


RE: Rail Bridging Service[edit]


Thanks for pointing out, I had amended accordingly to the poster as indicated in SBS Transit Facebook.

As for Boon Lay station bus stop, the bus stop doesn't have an official bus stop code after NightRider NR5 being converted to uni-direction. Due to it being used by other private service, the pole etc., was not being removed, hence the unofficial code of 22579 still remain (the previous code).

If you follow the poster released by SMRT, the bus stop code was not even included.

Thanks & Regards