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Good Evening Starborgling,

I have completed the mass removal of various articles (including images) that were contributed by users 'Alien' & 'Terry How', that are marked as nonsense/gibberish/irrevelant pages, including those pages that were spam advertising by different users.

As for certain schools, the School Teachers & the List of School Teachers, most of it were either outdated, blank, or with rubbish posted on it were also deleted because no one would do a search or lookup on it as most users in sgWiki would search for Bus & Train Articles. However, you may wish to start a new page or to do a cleanup. Further more, providing just external links does not make a complete article (as I had noticed on some school pages on sgWiki).

As I'm experienced with bus articles, should there be any feedback about a user posting false information, they may approach me by sending a message using my User Talk page.

Other than that, if you want to view the older messages, please click on the link to the Revision History. Also, you may wish to block those users that were mass created over the months for spam advertising purposes before the Captcha feature was installed.

It's clear that those fake users are now dormant, so not much point in bothering to block them now unless and until any of them starts spamming again.
I agree re deleting out-of-date school teacher lists, but please do not delete articles about specific schools in Singapore, I will take care of that and will be updating them or creating new ones over time. -- Starborgling 17:08, 14 July 2012 (SGT)

Revision History

Apex-LW'21 20:48, 11 July 2012 (SGT)