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SBS Transit SG4005Z (Feeder 800) — Demonstrator


Operator(s) SBS Transit
Registration no. SG4005Z
Vehicle make BYD
Vehicle manufacturer BYD Auto Industry
Vehicle model K9RC
Chassis model D9RC
Vehicle bodywork Gemilang Coachwork
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Quantity 1
Year 2018
Period of registration 27 May 2022
Passenger capacity Seating (Upper deck): 51
Seating (Lower deck): 21
Wheelchair bays: 2
Standing: 50
Total: 122
Electric motor model BYD-2912TZ-XY-A
permanent magnet synchronous electric motor (×2)
Battery BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery
Battery capacity 355 kWh
Power/torque 220 kW (110 kW x 2) / 800 Nm (400 Nm x 2) (Continuous)
300 kW (150 kW x 2) / 1100 Nm (550 Nm x 2) (Maximum)
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS)
Braking system Electronic Braking System (EBS)
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
Air-con model Valeo DD540-E
EDS model Mobitec MobiLED Ultima (Branded as Gorba imotion LED.e-advanced)
EDS controller model Gorba imotion CU.basic
PIDS model LAWO INFOtainment (Branded as Gorba imotion TFT.compact)
APCS model TNT Surveillance T-APC
Seat model Ster NewCity
Door model Masats
Additional features Alfatronix PowerVerter Pro USB Chargers
Driver cabin protective screen
Contactless bell push
Uniview OET-213H-BTS1-BD Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

TNT Surveillance T-DA Driver Alert System
TNT Surveillance T-FA Front Alert Camera
TNT Surveillance T-SA Side Alert Cameras
Stroller restraint system


Registration no. Service
SG4005Z SEDEP 800

Former deployments

Registration no. Service(s) served
SG4005Z SBS Transit: SEDEP 851 (Jul 2022 - Feb 2023)

Other information


SEDEP Seletar Depot

Lifespan expiry date

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Lifespan expiry date Registration no.
26 May 2039 SG4005Z


  • SG4005Z is the demonstrator.

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