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City Direct Services are express bus routes between selected residential estates and the city. They were introduced under the Bus Services Enhancement Programme (BSEP) to benefit commuters travelling to the city with improved connectivity,

Nine new City Direct bus services will be introduced from the housing estates of Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bukit Batok, Eunos, Hougang, Jurong East, Sembawang, Sengkang and West Coast to the Central Business District (CBD). These new bus services will be launched progressively until the second quarter of 2014. With limited stops and the use of expressways, commuters using these services would have comparable journey time to taking a connecting bus or LRT service and transferring to the MRT into the city.

For a start, all the nine new City Direct services will make two one-way trips on weekday mornings from the respective housing estates towards the CBD. Similarly, two one-way trips will take commuters back home from the city in the evenings. More trips may be added depending on the demand for the services. The bus services will operate on weekday peak periods excluding public holidays. More details will be announced closer to the implementation date.

The move is in line with the Transport Minister’s announcement at the Committee of Supply 2013 to tap on the resources of private bus operators to run more City Direct bus services to augment the resources of the public transport operators (PTOs). Currently, express services 513, 850E, 951E and 982E are operated by PTOs and run parallel to train lines between estates and the city.

Route details

Service Route Operator Introduction date
651 Jurong West Ave 3 - Marina Blvd (AM Peak) Ren Quan Transport Pte Ltd 3 September 2013
Central Blvd - Jurong West Ave 3 (PM Peak)
652 Upp Thomson Rd - Shenton Way (AM Peak) Ren Quan Transport Pte Ltd 6 January 2014
Anson Rd - Upp Thomson Rd (PM Peak)
653 Hume Ave - Marina Blvd (AM Peak) ComfortDelGro Bus Pte Ltd 13 January 2014
Central Blvd - Hillview Ave (PM Peak)
654 Anchorvale St - Shenton Way (AM Peak) Ren Quan Transport Pte Ltd 13 January 2014
Anson Rd - Anchorvale St (PM Peak)
655 West Coast Rd - Marina Blvd (AM Peak) Woodlands Transport Pte Ltd 10 February 2014
Central Blvd - West Coast Rd (PM Peak)
656 Canberra Rd - Shenton Way (AM Peak) Loh Gim Chong Transport Pte Ltd 17 February 2014
Anson Rd - Canberra Rd (PM Peak)
657 Jurong West Ave 1 - Marina Blvd (AM Peak) Transtar Travel Pte Ltd 24 February 2014
Central Blvd - Jurong West Ave 1 (PM Peak)
658 Bedok Reservoir Rd - Shenton Way (AM Peak) Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd 19 May 2014
Anson Rd - Jln Damai (PM Peak)
659 Bedok South Rd - Shenton Way (AM Peak) Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd 9 June 2014
Anson Rd - Bedok South Rd (PM Peak)
660 Buangkok Green - Shenton Way (AM Peak) Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd 23 June 2014
Anson Rd - Buangkok Green (PM Peak)

Bus Deployments

CDS Bus Deployments