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Republic Plaza (Chinese: 共和大厦) is one of the three tallest skyscrapers in Singapore, located at the Southern end of Raffles Place in the Downtown Core, the central business district of Singapore. It shares the title of "tallest building" with the OUB Centre and UOB Plaza One. Built at 280 metres (919 feet) tall, it was completed in 1995, and incorporates earthquake proof features despite the city being relatively far from earthquake zones.

The main entrance to the tower is at D'Almeida Street. The building was designed to maximize space. Therefore, a simple square form with chamfered corners at the base was adopted for the design of the tower. The tower tapers as it rises, forming some triangular elements, to reduce buffeting due to strong winds and improve wind loading. As with many other towers, it consists of a central core containing basic functions such as emergency stairways and elevator shafts, wrapped around by lettable office space.

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