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Hi! If I have made any mistakes in any edit, please pardon me for my errors. I am open to any clarification for any matter if required.

Status of SG5999Z[edit]

Hi Themystery,

It appears SG5999Z has been MIA for quite a long time (since early last month) and it has not been seen even in BNDEP. Do you have any idea what happened to the bus? More importantly, is SG5999Z still in SBST's database? (Rumour is that the bus has been returned to LTA)

Thank you.

Peace & Harmony

Re : Notes Section[edit]

Hi Themystery,

Thank you for pointing out the error that I have made. Unfortunately I was sleepy and had forgotten to check through the notes that I have made.

I have made the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again and have made the changes accordingly.

Thank you.




I have made a compilation of all 851e buses and their secondary deployments, as well as a fleet list of 851e for different days of the week on my user page. Have a look at it and let me know if it's correct or if there are any mistakes.

Peace & Harmony



Please proceed to removed those short service listing at the respective station pages. I believed some user added it in based on full day operations which I may had overlook.

Thanks and regards

RE: Feeder 265 Downroutes from AMK Int[edit]

Hi Themystery,

I have added the 3AM-3PM / 1E / 2S duty for 262 on Weekdays, but from my observations, both 6594P and 1086J seem to be running together with 1106K 1176H 1232D on weekends, not sure if there are only 4 buses for weekends. As for weekdays, I have seen 6594P being driven by regular AM-PM bus captains often, not sure if those are cameos or 6594P might even be doing a T shift.

As for 265, I have noticed duty 1A starting from a different starting point on weekdays. Duty 1A (SG1080A) used to depart Ang Mo Kio Depot at 0530 hours as the first bus. However, duty 2A (SG1096E) now does this first bus duty on weekdays. Instead, I have been noticing 1080A running between 1158K and 1160C. 1158K (duty 15S) is the first bus to depart AMK Int on weekdays, at 0530, followed by 1160C (duty 16S) which departs at 0541. No 265 buses bound for Ave 10 depart between 0530 and 0541. However, when 1158K and 1160C return to AMK Int after looping at Ave 10, 1080A arrives between them and usually is already carrying passengers, which probably means it did a downroute from somewhere in that AMK Int - AMK Ave 10 - AMK Int sector.

May I know if you are able to identify where Duty 1A does the downroute from on weekdays? It would be a great help if you could!!

Thank you very much!!

Best regards, Jonathanchu

Reply: Service 147 duties[edit]

Hi Themystery,

Sorry for the late reply.

Nope for now.

RE: 262 Duties[edit]

Hi Thenystery,

I am sorry for reverting your edit, but based on my observation on two days this week, 1086J was doing an AP slot 262-se-404, duty 4A/8P. Initially, it is stated that special weekday duties are 3AM-3PM / 1E / 2S, not sure if the days you observed were special weekday duties.

I will continue to observe but for now I will put weekdays as TBC. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!



Re: Extra DD in 161 duties.[edit]

Hi Themystery,

Thanks for your prompt reply. As noted in the recent changes of service 161 duties, SBS3086J has been observed to be appearing at certain timings, which might have indicated a possible perm change, prior to SG5513S which was missing for close to 2 weeks, which might have been taken out of HGDEP since it was performing on 154 which is under SLBP. Also, random DDs have been starting to make cameo appearances on 161 (SG5447A 3pm @ IMH, SG5555X 6.05pm @ Woodlands Temp Int etc) Could this be an introduction of random deployments (like SMRT AMDEP)? This has went on for a few days notably from 1 Nov - present where random buses from HGDEP would perform on several services on a day.


- Last Promise

SG3069X deployment[edit]

Hello Themystery,

I had read your edit on the BYD K9 page and understand that SG3069X is, as of now, a perm of 807(A). However I had observed today at 11:15am that SG3069X is on 135. Because I don't live near where 807 or 135 passes. I don't know the current deployment of SG3069X, and I don't believe it is a cameo due to how electric buses were previously deployed. Therefore, should I list it as a crossover to 135 until the perm status of SG3069X has been confirmed? (I hadn't observed SG3050Z's deployment yet so I will leave it as it is for now)

Thanks and regards,