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Hi! If I have made any mistakes in any edit, please pardon me for my errors. I am open to any clarification for any matter if required.

Feeder 324

Hi Themystery,

I has seen SBS3159H on 5P yesterday, that slot is an on and off deployment between DD and SD hence meaning sometimes use DD, sometimes use SD.

Thank you.


Re: Status of SG3027S


Thanks for bringing this up.

It is required for editors to exclude bus deployment from the respective pages after a bus is taken out from revenue service. However registration numbers must not be removed from the bus deployment, bus model (under Specifications section), Singapore Bus Fleet, Bus Lifespan Expiry Date/De-registration of Buses pages, etc. as it is still part of the fleet, unless it got re-registered under a new registration number (E.g. SMB3075A & SG3100M).

Do note that Wekelwrady did not add SG3027S's deployment under the former deployment page.

Service 154 duties

Maybe the duty numbers start from HGDEP? Usually duty numbers start from the minority control depot.