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Hi! If I have made any mistakes in any edit, please pardon me for my errors. I am open to any clarification for any matter if required.

RE: Addition of Terminating variants using "T" suffix in History of Bus Services Page[edit]


You may wish to consult the other administrator about this.

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Add on[edit]


I feel that we should just stick to what user 'Singapore Buses' has done so far.

Svc 91 Scheduling[edit]


I don't see how Svc 91 can operate with only 3 buses during peak periods. Travel time is approx 28-32 minutes throughout the day. With peak period headway of 8-10 minutes, Svc 91 needs 4 buses during peak periods. With off-peak period headway of 19 minutes, Svc 91 needs 2 buses during off-peak periods. Based on my observations for the past few weeks, the scheduling is 2T / 2S (4 buses) on weekdays and 2T / 1S (3 buses) on Saturdays. On weekdays, the 2S consists of 1 DD and 1 SD from Svc 74, with another DD later replacing 1 Svc 91 SD at 1938 hours.

- SingaporePublicTransportShowcase


Yes, I did encounter 4 buses on Svc 91 when I was joyriding on the 19:40 DD from Buona Vista Terminal. I was on SBS3252X, a crossover from Svc 74. After Buona Vista Stn Exit D, a SD passed opposite, heading back towards Buona Vista Terminal (the 19:20 bus). Before turning right onto Ayer Rajah Cres, a DD passed opposite, turning left onto Ayer Rajah Ave (the 19:30 bus, SBS3714E (a Svc 74 crossover)). After turning left onto Ayer Rajah Ave, a SD passed opposite, approaching one-north Stn (the 19:50 bus, SBS6803L). Finally, after passing Buona Vista Stn Exit C, a SD passed opposite, approaching Buona Vista Stn Exit C (the 20:00 bus, last bus for the day, same bus as the 19:20 bus).

- SingaporePublicTransportShowcase

Service 59[edit]

Update the Duties for Service 59.