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Hi! If I have made any mistakes in any edit, please pardon me for my errors. I am open to any clarification for any matter if required.

Service 165=

My apologies. There has been a timetable change for 165, so what was previously a HG slot (SBS7632G) is now a BB slot (SBS7679Y). It is also worth noting that SBS7679Y (and SG5446C suspected) are now on AP shift.

Updep 198 deployments

So far I spotted all updep 198 fleets.. all 6 buses r seen.. 7450 were out

Based on my own observation, all 6 buses are seen.. only 7450 kena kicked out under new ett..

And according to cfms.. SLBP side is only from sw307 onwards,, so last upd duty on wkdays is sw306.. hope u get the answer

But for e n s parts.. i will check wit my bcf again


Rwply updep 198 deployments part 2

Hmm.. so far I do see all 6 buses in based on my own observation for past 2 wks. And all doing their respective perm slots..

Orginally was 7 den now 6 under new ett and 7450 was taken out.

Old ett was 6s and 1e

And now new ett is 4s and 2e??? Yes i did take note of ur reply.. but i will double check wit my bcf again.. thks

Reply: 851e SD

have check and there is indeed 2 SD on 851e. but 1 SD operate from 9am to 9pm the other SD only operate 1 trip on weekday (6pm departure from Yishun). this SD is not doing the return trip at all and does not appear on other timing. sometime this timing is done by DD. are you able to check/confirm whether this is crossover from some other Yishun service instead? (i would believe that it is a SD from 851)

rgds lemon1974

SG6087Z (HGDEP 161)

Good evening Themystery,

Are you able to check if SG6087Z is still on 163? I still do see SBS3683K on 161 despite being swapped to Service 163. Here’s the edit which I initially thought was vandalism because I have never seen SG6087Z on 161 :

And I also noticed you removed the clause “Any Double decker buses” on Services 21 & 165 respectively. Is there a reason to this? And does SBST follow a flexible deployment like SMRT AMDEP?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.



Reply: Suggestion on Notes Section: Part 2


Sorry for the late reply.

Suggestion #2 would be better since it involves the respective services.