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Warning Point (6 January 2020)
You have committed the follow offense that may warrant an immediate ban: Not synchronising info on changes of operator (sgWiki:Guidebook).

Hi! If I have made any mistakes in any edit, please pardon me for my errors. I am open to any clarification for any matter if required.

Feeder 324

Hi Themystery,

I has seen SBS3159H on 5P yesterday, that slot is an on and off deployment between DD and SD hence meaning sometimes use DD, sometimes use SD.

Thank you.


Re: Status of SG3027S


Thanks for bringing this up.

It is required for editors to exclude bus deployment from the respective pages after a bus is taken out from revenue service. However registration numbers must not be removed from the bus deployment, bus model (under Specifications section), Singapore Bus Fleet, Bus Lifespan Expiry Date/De-registration of Buses pages, etc. as it is still part of the fleet, unless it got re-registered under a new registration number (E.g. SMB3075A & SG3100M).

Do note that Wekelwrady did not add SG3027S's deployment under the former deployment page.