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Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) is a Methodist boys' secondary school in Singapore, part of the Anglo-Chinese family of schools. It offers the GCE 'O' Level Course for its students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4/5. Students may then move on to the affiliated Anglo-Chinese Junior College. Inaugurated in 1994 at the Barker Road campus, ACS (BR) has provided opportunities for its feeder students to continue with an ACS Education at a secondary level.

Unlike sister school ACS (Independent), ACS (Barker Road) is part of the government school system.

ACS (Barker Road) began life on 1 January 1994 as a government-aided primary and secondary school. Its aim was to provide for pupils from ACS (Primary) and ACS (Junior) who could not gain admission to ACS (Independent) but wished to continue with an ACS secondary education.

It was a full school which subsumed Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) as its primary school section until 1998, when the school split into two. Both schools are now independent of each other. The campus was rebuilt and reopened in 2003. The current Principal is Peter Tan Chong Tze.

The building is noted for its distinctive Art Deco clocktower. This is not the original tower from the former ACS but a replica, in a slightly different position, though it contains the original clock mechanism.

The school uniform is a white shirt with white socks plus the school tie, and dark bermuda shorts (or long trousers for Secondary 4 and 5).

Punishments at the school include detention, suspension, and corporal punishment, a long-standing tradition in the ACS family of schools. In the latter case the offender receives strokes of the cane across the seat of his trousers, often inflicted by Mr Ng. Caning is applied for offences such as repeated lateness to school, truancy, lateness to class, cheating, fighting, bullying, vandalism, truancy and smoking.[1]

Punishments may be combined, for instance a boy may be suspended for one week and then caned upon his return to school. In serious cases, corporal punishment is administered in front of the offender's class or even the whole school. Up to six strokes of the cane may be delivered on any one occasion.

On 20 April 2009, three Secondary 3 boys were caned in front of the whole school for bullying.[2]

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