East View Secondary School

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East View Secondary School.png
East View Secondary School
Sekolah Menengah East View
Opened 1987
Closed 2019
Address 3 Tampines Street 42, Singapore 529177
Former Principal Ms Lau Wan Sze
Former Vice Principal Mr Jason Goh
Abbreviation EVSS
Vision Leader of Self, Person of Influence.
Mission To cultivate good useful citizens and independent learners with a passion for excellence.
Motto Excellence - Being the best that we can be.
Vision - Having clear aims and goals to steer our future.
Service - Caring for the community and the environment.

East View Secondary School (EVSS) was a government co-educational neighbourhood secondary school in Tampines. It was founded in January 1987. The Principal was Ms Lau Wan Sze. The Vice-Principal was Mr Jason Goh.

The nearest MRT station is Tampines and Tampines East.

The school was established at the campus of Tampines Secondary School, occupying 14 classrooms in the afternoon session while its current campus is under construction. After a six-month stay at Tampines Secondary School, the school shifted to its new premises in June 1987.

As announced on 20 April 2017, East View Secondary will merge with East Spring Secondary School.


When a pupil breaks the school rules or commits offences, the pupil may be faced with one or more of the following consequences:

  • The pupil's name will be reported to the Ministry of Education through the School Cockpit system. The School Cockpit (Offence Module) system is a computerised system designed to track pupils' behaviour in school.
  • Pupil may be warned and counselled for the offence that he/she committed.
  • Pupil's parents may be called in to see the Teachers, Vice Principal or Principal.
  • Pupil may be caned for the offence (male students only).
  • Pupil may be internally suspended from lessons or externally suspended from school.
  • Pupil may be expelled from school.
  • Pupil may be referred to external agencies such as the Police or Homes of Juvenile Offenders.